Best Ideas to Celebrate Best Friends Day

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Whether you have a BFF who’s been your sidekick since the dawn of time, a bunch of college roommates, or a “coffee-mate” from your office, you’re in luck. No matter how many best friends you have, National Best Friends Day is a good reason to show them some appreciation. These wonderful ideas will wake up your inspiration (if it’s sleeping).

If you have one best friend…

Shared memories are definitely something that best friends value most. Chances are you can’t remember all those wild nights, sneaking onto roofs, and s’mores without a smile. Neither can your bestie. To this end, to surprise your friend, you can create a “Memory Lane”.

For this easy DIY project, you’ll need a huge (really huge) bunch of  balloons filled with helium (or LED balloons for a mesmerizing display),  a glue gun, and lots of fun photos from the first day you met to the current time, which’s a breeze with the rise of social media (unless your BFF is not a back-into-the-wild thing). Once done, just attach the pics to the balloons and let them hit the ceiling.

Even if the mere process of attaching pictures to the balloons makes you nervous, you can opt for our LED photo clips instead. This whimsical display won’t take you more than ten minutes. Once ready, put a blind fold on your bestie and bring him or her to the room.

If you have several best friends…

… and nothing comes to your mind, you can throw a party based on your favorite movie or TV show. For example, if you and your friends are absolute F.R.I.E.N.D.S nuts, why not host a F.R.I.E.N.D.S-inspired event? This fool-proof instruction will help you make it happen.


Of course, you can throw such a bash everywhere. However, it would be great if you boot something like Central Perk. As for the decorations, the traditional table draped with a modish tablecloth, a cake stand dressed up with a whimsical table skirt, a bar station full of drinks, and other basics will do.

At the same time, set the scene with hot drinks served in different mugs (like at Central Perk), a F.R.I.E.N.D.S-inspired sofa, silverware stored in giant mugs, placeholder cards to designate each character, an old-fashioned carpet, and a chalkboard as the menu – doubt not, this list is endless. Also, remember that your favorite quotes should be everywhere. You can use our personalized pennants or letter balloons to spell out something like “I’ll be there for you”, “How you doin?”, “Smelly cat”, “Central Perk”, “Friends”, etc.


There’s no need to go an extra mile with the menu. Just use ideas from the show and that’s it. For example, you can make Joey’s Italian green salad, Monica’s lasagna, Phoebe’s cookies, Central Perk cake, or Rachel’s English truffle. Top it off with F.R.I.E.N.D.S-themed milkshakes served with our stripe paper straws. While being too preoccupied with the menu, don’t forget to stop by our voguish collection of dinnerware.


You shouldn’t reinvent the wheel here. Watching a few F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes sounds logical and fun, right? To make this “movie session” stand out from all the previous ones, you can spice it up with a drinking game. For example, you can take a shot whenever Joey talks about girls, Chandler tries to joke, or Ross talks about paleontology or something else connected with sciences. Don’t forget to serve your shots in fancy glasses

If you have no friends…

Probably, reading all these ideas is a bit painful to you because you don’t have a bestie. But wait, Best Friends Day is also a perfect reason to find new friends! What do you think about that?

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