Creative Terrarium Ideas to Decorate your Home and Wedding Décor

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Looking for unique ideas to decorate your terrariums? Look no further as we have gathered some creative ones for you to assemble some trendy terrariums. Making a terrarium can be a very fun activity and you can make it a family moment by involving your kids in it. A terrarium is the perfect accent piece when you want to add a natural touch to your interior or event’s décor. In order to create exotic terrariums, follow this guide and learn how to assemble miniature terrarium gardens, sand layered terrariums, floral terrariums, and beyond. The key is to let your creative instincts work magic and make its way in your artistically decorated terrariums.

Hanging Succulent and Moss Terrarium

Most terrariums are created with real succulents and moss, but they require some maintenance every now and then. Fortunately, we have an extensive range of realistic-looking artificial succulents at Tableclothsfactory to bring a refreshing feel into your décor without worrying about watering the air plants. Moreover, there is a wide range of fabulous glass terrariums in different styles and sizes for you to choose from to create the ideal décor accent to adorn your space.

If you choose to use our hanging globe or teardrop shaped terrariums, a tantalizing idea to decorate it would be using our faux succulents, pebbles, and natural moss. Layer the terrarium with pebbles and arrange your succulents and moss to achieve this look. Since terrariums don’t necessarily have to sit on the table, you can suspend these glass bubbles from the ceiling or on our terrarium hanger to bring a refreshing and elegant flair into the ambiance.

Terrarium Decor

Sand Art Terrarium

If you’ve always loved to add colorful and vibrant hues into your décor accent, then this sand art terrarium will surely inspire you. Add them to your wedding table, baby shower or bridal shower table to add a charming effect to the ambiance. Wondering how to assemble this beautiful sand terrarium? It is quite easy and you just need to opt for our modishly designed classic round or trapezoid terrariums and layer it with our vibrantly hued sand vase fillers to create a sensational décor accent to adorn your tablescape. Just to add a dash of green to your DIY décor, insert our multicolored fake succulents in the sand and feel the refreshing colors of nature elevate your dull-looking table settings up by a notch!

Terrarium Decor

Another sleek and sophisticated idea for a sand art terrarium can be assembled with our cylindrical glass vase. Simply layer this stylish vase with three different shades of sand and top off the last layer with a set of assorted mosses to add a touch of green to your artistic décor accent. The end result will be something unique and extraordinary and will surely get you loads of appreciation from your guests.

Terrarium Decor

Floral Terrarium Backdrop

Planning to bring a bohemian flair to your terrarium décor? Our gorgeous artificial blooms will add a whimsical touch to your terrarium and you won’t have to worry about your flowers withering and wilting away. Style your flower-shaped or egg-shaped glass terrariums with decorative sand, glitter, or acrylic diamonds topped with rose flower heads, peonies, or chrysanthemum in beautiful hues that match the theme of your event.

Terrarium Decor

These floral terrariums can be used to decorate your space in a number of ways. Whether you suspend them from trees in your backyard or scatter them on your tablescape, they will bring an enchanted magical effect wherever you decide to place them. Furthermore, these bloomy bubbles will create a breathtaking backdrop décor when suspended from a backdrop stand with greenery garlands attached to their strings.

Terrarium Decor

Beach-Inspired Terrarium

Sand and sea-shells are essential accessories for the décor of an event planned at the beach. Transform our glass terrariums into beach décor accents by layering them with decorative sand, shells, and some artificial succulents on the top. The blue tint on the terrarium showed in the image can be achieved by painting your terrarium with a mixture of pod-podge, blue food coloring and a bit of water. Let your terrarium dry after coloring and then start with the decorating process.

Terrarium Decor

If you loved the idea of a floral backdrop created by suspending the glass globes on a backdrop stand, then we’re sure you’ll fall in love with another sensational backdrop idea. To assemble a hanging terrarium backdrop for your beach wedding, drape sheer organza curtains on our metal canopy backdrop stand and decorate it with lots of flowers. Suspend crystal strands and glass terrariums filled with flower petals and candles from your stand to create a mesmerizing accent for your beach-inspired décor. The floral terrariums will resemble bubbles floating in the breezy air of the sea in the background.

Terrarium Decor

We hope you’ve found enough inspiration to bring the latest trend of terrarium décor into your events. If you have some more ideas to add to the list, we welcome you to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below.  

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