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Hosting parties and events is always a great joy but what’s even better? Orchestrating a themed party and bringing a fun theme to life! Not only do they offer a creative outlet and get the creative juices flowing but they also bring happiness and put a wide smile on your guest faces as soon as they make an entrance. Whether you are looking for an interesting theme for a baby shower or you are organizing your little girl’s birthday bash, the enchanting charm of mermaids lures in everyone alike! So to satisfy your obsession with mystical beings and all things under the sea, there is nothing better than a magical mermaid party theme to usher in a whimsical aquatic appeal. We have set up a glorious mermaid theme tablescape featuring flamboyant hues, sparkles, scales, and shimmering accents—all the hallmarks of mermaid decor to elevate your themed party to a whole new level.  Are you excited to know more about our setup? Watch the video and check out the photos below to see our lavish mermaid party table set up in detail!

Backdrop Decorations

When it comes to thematic decorations, it’s wise to decide the color palette upfront to flawlessly infuse the theme throughout your party decorations. Keeping this in mind, we set the foundation of our mermaid theme party decorations by choosing various oceanic shades and mermaid colors ranging from blue, green, and purple hues to iridescent and metallic tones. Because we wanted to create a magical experience and transport our guests to the world of mermaids, we decided to start off our mermaid party decorations by setting up the backdrop first. So we drew inspiration from the rippling oceanic waves and styled two different curtains to cue in a gorgeous layered effect. With the glossy finish of our white double layer chiffon curtains which we draped on the back and the glimmering purple-colored sequin backdrop curtains gathered and tied back on the backdrop stand, the base of our mermaid party backdrop looked absolutely stunning and glamorous. In case you feel that the plain white curtains won’t work with the shimmering sequin curtain panels, you can also opt for our iridescent sequin curtains as your rear curtains to add that glistening oomph factor. However, with the sparkling accents and decorations we had in mind for our mermaid theme tablescape, we recommend that you follow our example for a striking set up that is posh but not too flashy or gaudy!

Mermaid theme party

As soon as the base for our backdrop was ready, we moved on to adding decorative accents to further augment the visual appeal of our mermaid party backdrop decor. While our store is brimming with an eclectic range of lovely hanging decorations, our newly arrived 4D orb balloons featuring shades of the sea and a unique marbled design instantly caught our eye. Thus, we have suspended a couple of our green orb balloons from the top of the backdrop stand along with some iridescent honeycomb hanging decorations to emulate the bubbles rising from the bottom of the ocean. To finish it off, we also placed two tall silver mosaic floor vases on either side of the backdrop stand and bedecked it with lavender and white floral arrangements as you can see in the video which evoked the look of a regal mermaid grotto entrance that even the Goddesses and Queen of mermaids will approve of!

Mermaid theme party


As the dinner tablescape is the heart of any themed party, we knew we had to style it with sparkling linens and glistening accents to take our mermaid party table decor up by several notches. Thus, without giving it a second thought we swathed a classy turquoise sequin tablecloth over our table and topped it with a lustrous turquoise-hued big Payette sequin tablecloth to gracefully reinforce the scales and sparkle—two of the main details of any mermaid decor. The imperial sheen and shimmer of the big Payette sequins which were intricately sewn into the mesh fabric linen combined with the gorgeous small sequin tablecloth underneath added layers of sparkling luster. However, dressing the table in just table linens wasn’t enough to take it to the next level, so we went a little above and beyond with our mermaid theme table decorations and spread out a sheer lavender-colored organza table runner along the middle of the table for a subtle hint of contrasting color and decided to tuck in the ends so they don’t drape down. Moreover, we unfurled a teal-hued satin runner over the lavender runner to add yet another color of the sea into our party decor, but this time around, we let the ends loose which not only accentuated our table aesthetics tenfold but also created a glossy canvas for us to flaunt all our striking tabletop decorative accents.

Mermaid theme party


Next on the agenda was to create under the sea-inspired centerpieces, which we tackled with drawing inspiration from the beautiful seabed to imbue splendor and magnificence. Since we had tons of fascinating ideas for our table centerpiece which were perfect for our mermaid party, we couldn’t decide on any one. So we took a gamble and decided to deck out our table with multiple showpieces to gracefully enrich it with all things under the sea. Because we were so obsessed with the wonders of the rocky seabed, it was only fitting that we recreated one for our own tablescape. Thus, we have layered a mix of turquoise and lavender large ice crystals on the base of our stylish round glass bubble bowls and topped it with a couple of white seashell boxes that we filled with faux pearls for a whimsical charm. You can also fill them up with decorative sand, shells, or even glitter. Moreover, with a few lavender-hued blooms tucked in our gorgeous bed of crystals, our glass bowl showpieces looked extremely enchanting when we placed them on both ends of our teal table runner.

Mermaid theme party

While our mesmeric glass bowl decorations brought a striking bejeweled allure to our table not to mention the elegant floral flair, our tablescape needed glowing radiance to brighten things up. Hence, we paired candles, pearls, and shells to create scintillating candle centerpieces that would work perfectly with the mermaid party theme! While the trio of our glistening metallic rose gold-colored pillar candles perched on an oval mirror and encircled with several ivory pearl strings has brought height and drama to our tablescape, the couple of turquoise votive candles that were set over small round mirrors and decorated with natural seashells have beautifully filled up the empty spots on the table runner exuding a sumptuous brilliance.

Mermaid theme party

Additional Tabletop Decorations

In order to further accentuate the perky flair of our mermaid party table, we ended up sprinkling a mix of iridescent foil confetti dots and tissue paper and foil confetti in blue, silver, and ivory hues to add speckles of shine and flamboyance (You can also add this foil and tissue confetti mix in the invitation card envelopes for a lovely little surprise for your guests as they pull out the invitation card) We also scattered a few natural seashells randomly all over the table and placed some clear seashell boxes on the runner stylishly reinforcing the mermaid theme.

Mermaid theme party

Table Settings

Once we were satisfied with our tabletop decorations, the only thing missing on the table was the dinnerware. Thus, for our place settings, we opted for lime green beaded chargers and topped them with our flared white dinner plates and sequin napkins which were elegantly flared out and paired with silver spiral napkin rings for that extra bit of sparkle. The alternative placement of turquoise and purple sequin napkins over white and lime green plates with white-handled silverware and flared flutes with detachable bases arranged on the side added a glorious yet vibrant charm to our tablescape. Furthermore, we thought that it would be nice to place our 4D triangle shaped boxes filled with party favors alongside each set of plates to cap off our place settings. The white and turquoise-colored boxes not only beautifully matched with the color scheme but the unique 4D structure evoked the look of pointy sea rocks.

Mermaid theme party

Chair Decor

 Although our table was all set and brimming with enchanting details, our entire setup looked a bit dull because of our plain chairs. So we swapped out our regular dining chairs with metallic silver colored chairs and adorned the chair backs with our iridescent sequin chair caps that instantly added a sparkling dazzle to our otherwise plain and boring dining chairs.

Mermaid theme party

With under the sea as our guiding inspiration and speckles of vibrant sparkling accents, our mermaid party table truly turned out to be one for the books! Don’t you just love the sound of a mermaid theme party? Get inspired by our set up and decorate your soiree with all the aforementioned mermaid party supplies from tableclothsfactory for a magical experience. What did you love most about this setup? Was it the rich color combination or the attention to detail? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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