Elevate Coastal-Inspired Wedding Themes With Nautical Decor Ideas

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In love with the idea of tying the knot on the seafront with the roaring waves witnessing your union? Consider under the sea or coastal-inspired wedding themes and blend in nautical details in your ceremony and reception decorations for the ultimate celebration of all things ocean! If you’re at sea about how to bring a nautical feel to your big day, we’re here to help! Set the course for your nautical theme wedding decor with oceanic hues, marine motifs, and beach accents and include exciting seafaring ideas to create a unique wedding experience that you and your guests will remember forever. Explore and bookmark the brilliant nautical theme wedding ideas ahead to pull off a timeless and classy wedding that nods to the sea!

Go For A Seafront Venue!

Lovely beaches and sea facing venues are popular choices for sea-inspired wedding themes. Arrange your ceremony setup on the sand or throw a full on beach wedding reception party complete with nautical elements to augment your aesthetics. In case you’re not too keen about dipping your toes in the sand on your wedding day, host an intimate affair on a sailboat or take your celebrations to the marina pier to drive the nautical theme home!

nautical wedding themes

Set Up A Gorgeous Backdrop!

Whether you need a nautical themed wedding backdrop for your escort table or you’re planning to create a photo booth for your guests, this backdrop decor is super easy to put together. All you need is a natural cotton fishnet and some colorful seashells. Stitch nature’s jewels onto your fishnet and hang it over a sturdy backdrop stand to create an enticing backdrop that’ll add oodles of flair and panache to your maritime wedding theme decorations.

nautical wedding themes

Keep Your Arch Decorations Simple!

There aren’t many decorations that can rival the picturesque beauty of Mother Nature, so roll with the surroundings and go for a simple wedding arch decor to let the scenic views take centerstage! Opt for a wooden arch stand and deck it with light blue or white tulle fabric along with seashell or starfish garlands for a beach-appropriate arch decor that’ll perfectly complement your nautical theme wedding setup!

nautical wedding themes

However, if you’re on the lookout for unique and whimsical ceremony setups to make it a bit extra special channel your inner sailor and turn an old sailboat into a chuppah. Adorn your makeshift boat chuppah with flower garlands, greenery vines and decorative string lights for a striking nautical theme wedding ceremony arrangement that’ll surely be the highlight of your big day.

nautical wedding themes

Nautical-Inspired Unity Ceremony!

Are you thinking of including a unity ceremony? Buck the traditional candle lighting ritual and go for a knot-tying ceremony instead for a lovely nautical spin. Since a sailor’s knot can be easily created with two intertwined ropes, it is the perfect knot to tie for the nautical theme wedding unity ceremony.  Use sailing ropes or lengths of natural jute twine ropes to tie the knot symbolizing the strong bond of marriage. The knot also makes a wonderful keepsake that you can frame and display in your home to commemorate your wedding vows.

nautical wedding themes

Elevate Your Thematic Table Decorations

It is no secret that incorporating thematic decor elements in your reception table decorations is the best way to bring your wedding themes to life. Take a look at these decor ideas to add an epic nautical charm to your table design.

Don’t want to go overboard with nautical details? Tone things down a notch and leave out the boat and anchor motifs. Instead, reference the seafaring theme with a color palette inspired by the ocean itself. Dress your wedding reception tables with soft dusty blue and neutral earthy hued table linens to subtly evoke the scenic views of the blue waters and sandy shoreline. However, if you’re looking for authentic nautical wedding theme colors, pairing classic white linens with navy blue accents will work like a charm!

nautical wedding themes

Further, enhance your nautical theme wedding tablescape decorations and add charming decor details to your place settings to create a cohesive design. Lay out navy blue placemats and blue and white dinnerware with plain or striped navy blue napkins to elegantly reinforce the seafaring vibe. You can also stylishly fold your napkins to form sailboats or couple them with wooden napkin rings to bring a rustic flair to your nautical wedding theme decorations.

nautical wedding themes

There is no doubt that even the smallest details can boost your table aesthetics. Display your guests’ names on small wood slices or chalkboard signs and etch small nautical motifs on round or rectangular wood plaques along with the table numbers for an on-theme addition to your maritime-inspired wedding design.

nautical wedding themes

Create Eye-catching Nautical Statement Pieces

Accent your wedding decorations with statement pieces featuring nautical details to carry your seafaring theme throughout every element of your wedding. Here are a few chic ideas to create nautical themed wedding centerpieces and decorations to stitch your event design together for a sophisticated harmonized appeal.

Lanterns are the perfect decor accessories for rustic or beach wedding themes, thus using them to accentuate your nautical theme wedding decor makes perfect sense. Opt for cone top metal lanterns or paint wooden lanterns in white and blue colors to give them an authentic maritime appeal. Decorate your lanterns with fishnet, seashells, twine, and pearl beads and use them as your main table centerpieces or perch the lanterns on white pedestal columns arranged on both sides of your wedding aisle for glorious yet rustic nautical wedding theme decorations.

nautical wedding themes

However, if you want to augment the visual appeal of your head table or sweetheart table, create evocative nautical theme wedding centerpieces using a couple of seashell shaped planters or rectangular whitewashed wooden planters. Add a floral charm to your maritime wedding and arrange a gorgeous mix of white silk chrysanthemums, artificial blue hydrangeas, ivory baby breaths, cream colored faux roses, artificial thistle flowers, and sage green leaves in your planters. Interspace your floral arrangements with a lighthouse figurine for a nod to your seafaring theme.

nautical wedding themes

Pay Extra Attention To Your Favors

Whether you intend to include favors in your place settings or you plan to set up a favor table at the exit, choose nautical theme wedding favors such as seashell tealight candles or anchor bottle stoppers to send your guests home with a lovely reminder of your wedding. Moreover, customize burlap jute favor bags with anchor, sailboat or any other maritime motifs to reinforce your nautical theme in every aspect of your wedding day.

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Nautical Themed Candle Decorations

Light up your wedding decor with sea-inspired candle decorations to exude a glowing nautical charm. Opt for varying sized cylindrical glass vases and fill them halfway through with water. Layer natural stones and seashells at the base and place white floating candles on top. Moreover, creatively position the vases in a square wooden box lined with decorative sand, pearl beads, and assorted under the sea elements to put a lovely nautical spin on your wedding candle decor.

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From using a sea-inspired color palette and decorating your tables with thematic motifs to incorporating unique maritime rituals, there are plenty of ways to add nautical influences to coastal-inspired wedding themes. Which of these nautical theme wedding ideas do you think would do the trick? Let us know in the comments section below!

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