Enchanting Wedding Arch Ideas to Add a Majestic Look to your Décor

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No wedding feels truly complete without wedding decorations. However simple they may be, your decorations can turn a special event into the magical, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you’ve always dreamed of. In order to achieve that dreamy look for the décor, many brides are getting more creative with their wedding arch decorations.

An arch is the focal point of your ceremony, framing you as a couple as you exchange vows. Whether it’s romantic or modern, a lovely arch will make a wedding ceremony so much more memorable while setting the tone for your entire event. There are lots of ways to decorate your wedding arch beautifully and if you’re looking for ways to decorate your wedding reception in style, let us be your guide to give you the perfect inspiration for creating a breathtaking wedding arch.

Inspirational Bohemian Wedding Arch

Floral is the most romantic and commonest way to decorate your wedding arch. Irrespective of the theme or the venue, floral arches can always give your space a sophisticated and mesmerizing look. Although fresh blooms look spectacular on wedding arches, artificial flowers from our online store will look just as beautiful as their natural counterparts. Neither will they wilt nor wither and will certainly withstand the test of time. We offer an extensive range of realistic-looking artificial flowers for you to choose from to decorate your wedding arch. If you want to include a beautiful floral arch at your wedding but want to keep your costs down, opt for our wedding arch and style it with our  rose chain garlands, lustrous artificial leaves garlandsvivacious ivy foliage, and delicate silk baby breath flowers to bring an elegant and impeccable radiant flair to your wedding décor.

Wedding Arch Decor

An Arch with Simple Elegance

If you want to try something sleek yet minimalist, there’s no need to be stressed out with all sorts of little details. Our wedding arch can look gorgeous without all those things too! Showcase your arch’s graceful shape by draping it with our lightweight tulle  or organza fabric and tie it back with flower bouquets made from our splendid collection of rosestulipspeonies, and hydrangeas. The tulle can blow in the wind and add even more natural loveliness to your beach wedding or other casual outdoor events. The entire look of this simple yet dreamy wedding arch will surely bring a tantalizing effect to the ambiance of your décor.

Wedding Arch Decor

Craving for more floral and fabric draped fantasy for your wedding decor? Style our sturdy backdrop stand with our gorgeous tulle curtain panels to impart a soft and subtle look into your wedding décor. Further decorate your stand by wrapping its rods with our beautiful rose chain garlands to create a sensational floral wedding décor backdrop to cherish the most important moments of your life!

Wedding Arch Decor

Rustic Wedding Arch

For a woodland-inspired elegant look for your wedding arch, pulling inspiration from the natural landscape will allow for a breathtaking result.  Create an effortless blend of chiffon, Birchwood branches, greenery and blooms by using varieties of our artificial flowersfoliages that are native to the setting and sheer chiffon fabric to bring your ceremony décor closer to nature. Chiffon flows in the wind and is ideal for an outdoor event but it is necessary to make sure that it is secured well at the corners of the arch so it doesn’t blow off entirely. All in all, blending the aesthetic of the natural environment with the floral décor will create cohesiveness, making the ceremony space feel one with its surroundings.

Wedding Arch Decor

Another unique arch décor idea for a rustic-themed wedding would be using burlap to decorate your wedding arch. Simply wrap your arch entirely with our delicate lace and burlap jute ribbons as shown in the image to create a unique arch in minimal time quite effortlessly. This rustic wedding arch will truly be a blend of your creativity and nature to bring a woodland effect into your wedding decor.

Wedding Arch Decor

Magical Fairy Lights for Your Wedding

Decorate your arch with fairy lights for a magical evening wedding backdrop. This is a very easy look to achieve and the glow will help light your ceremony and add incredible whimsical ambiance to your event. To achieve this look, you’ll need lots of strands of our warm fairy lights or twinkle lights. Start at one side of our wedding arch and begin wrapping them evenly until the entire arch is covered. Furthermore, our rose foam fairy lights wrapped along the plain ones will surely enchant your entire venue. With the blooming roses glimmering with an endearing gleam of LEDs, these fairy lights will incite your passions to cherish the moments of your special day!

Wedding Arch Decor

Balloon and Floral Wedding Arch

Wedding arches are usually composed of blooms, greenery, and airy fabric, but if you want something different or just want to add a fun and whimsical touch to your wedding décor, try a balloon wedding arch! Fortunately, our online store offers balloons in gorgeous colors, shapes, looks, and can be combined with greenery, blooms, and foliage to add a modern and glamorous touch to your wedding arch. For example,  a gorgeous balloon and floral arch can be assembled by accenting our wedding arch with balloons in shades of pastel pinksplums, and white along with stunning realistic looking silk rosespeonies, and chrysanthemums.  

Wedding Arch Decor

As you can see, there are no boundaries set for the decoration of our affordable wedding arch. It is a classic celebration supply and a wonderful way to personalize your special day! Was this article useful to you? Do you have other gorgeous ideas in mind to accentuate our wedding arch? We would love to read your thoughts and ideas in the comment box below.

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