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With the arrival of the New Year comes a fresh stock of accompanying 2020 wedding trends. New wedding trends may include bold pops of colors and serious statements touch everything from inventive ceremony aisle ideas to all other wedding decorations at the event. Couples-to-wed are making each aspect of the wedding uniquely their own, meaning sentimental color palettes that extend beyond measure to inventive themes that reflect your one-of-a-kind love story. Like every new year, 2020 is already promising to bring a fresh wave of cool and socially conscious wedding trends that you’ll want to steal right away, even if you’re planning to tie the knot any time soon.

How can a wedding be complete without the perfect set of wedding decorations? Even if you’re planning a simple wedding and don’t want it to be a grand affair, wedding decorations are quintessential to make your event magical and a celebration to last a lifetime. Since planning for the appropriate wedding decorations is something that’s easy to imagine than actually put forth, we have gathered some fabulous wedding decoration ideas for you to incorporate with the new wedding trends. Read on, let your creative instincts flow and watch your dreams come alive!

Sustainable Weddings and Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations

Though keeping the environment in mind is something that should never be considered a ‘trend’, more and more couples are making concerted efforts to lessen the impact their celebrations have on our planet. Couples with the environment at the top of their minds are even opting for completely sustainable weddings by reducing the amount of wastage, from food to the wedding decorations. This means cutting back on unnecessary plastic waste and being as eco-friendly as humanly possible. If you’re wondering how that can be done at a large scale event such as your wedding, choosing re-usable wedding decorations and organic products for wedding cutlery, and flatware is the perfect solution. The simplest way to take the first step towards an eco-friendly wedding is the use of biodegradable straws instead of plastic ones.

Planning a rustic-style wedding in the New Year? Well, you’re in luck. This theme is the most appropriate one if you wish to follow the trend for a sustainable wedding as almost all rustic wedding decorations are either bio-degradable or can be re-used/recycled. For example, burlap is a natural material and nothing whispers more of a rustic element than burlap. Fortunately, there is a wide and exotic range of burlap accessories at Tableclothsfactory for you to choose from and make your wedding a sustainable one.  

Wedding decorations

In order to give your rustic wedding decorations a head start, spread our natural jute burlap aisle runner across the pathway to the spot where you’ll say your vows. Crafted with a sturdy fabric and designed to stay in place, this fabulous burlap accessory is a must for outdoor rustic weddings to exude a classy taste. Combine your aisle runner with charming burlap tablecloths, chair covers, and slip covers for a cohesive look. Next, we need to focus on the selection of some biodegradable accessories for your place setting. Opt for our stylish and chic birchwood plates or paper plates and cutlery with gorgeous paper napkins that are available in a wide range of designs and signage to match your wedding décor perfectly.

Wedding decorations

Looking for some rustic centerpieces to adorn your wedding tablescape? Look no further than our collection of rustic wedding decorations that will give you an array of options to choose from. Whether you choose our spectacular wooden candleholders or our rustic wood slices to design your own centerpieces, we promise that our set of rustic décor accessories won’t fail to display exceptional class and elegance. If you’re an artist at heart and want to display your creativity with a sensational centerpiece, decorate our rustic wooden box with artificial flowers and hang our natural hanging DIY wood sign with a personalized signage on it for a truly unique look.

Wedding decorations

We know that a wedding cannot be complete without a majestic wedding cake and we need an exquisite rustic cake stand to match with your wedding decorations. Here comes the savior – our thick rustic wood slice will be a suave choice to display your cake on. Place your wedding cake on this fabulous rustic wood slice to make it the most appreciated element of your wedding table decorations. Furthermore, let your guests appreciate you even further by presenting them with a wedding favor in our fancy burlap favor pouches as a thankful gesture.

Wedding decorations

If you’re not planning a rustic wedding but still like the idea of an environmental-friendly décor for your wedding, we recommend a Scandinavian style décor that involves working on clean lines and minimalist settings. Create a nautical tablescape by dressing it with neutral colored tablecloth such as our champagne polyester tablecloth to set the stage for a subtle and elegant décor. You can also opt to leave your table exposed to display its natural dark brown color that’ll complement beautifully with all the other elements on the table. For a minimalist approach towards your place setting, choose our plain white plates, silver cutlery, and glasses to combine a simple yet inviting table setup. Finally bring a pop of fresh green color on the wedding table with our luscious artificial greenery garland spread across the central length of your table to display the true beauty of a Scandinavian décor.

Wedding decorations

Going Big with Wedding Decorations and Innovative Lighting

Intimate wedding receptions are a hot trend these days, with the guest list limited to only your closest friends and family. But that does not mean that you have to refrain from going all out with your wedding decorations. Oversized decorative accents and extravagant décor are the latest wedding trends, therefore, choosing giant orb balloons and large-sized paper lanterns for your wedding are the perfect accessories to exude a whimsical and alluring charm. From using giant balloons to creating plush floral arches and epic balloon walls, giving a personal spin to your wedding reception decorations will augment your aesthetics.

Looking for a breathtaking floral wedding arch décor for your wedding? Choose either our stunning round metal wedding arch stand or a metal wedding arch and bedeck it with our gorgeous lifelike fake blooms for an exquisite wedding backdrop decoration. This sensational wedding décor will not only be a witness to your special “I do” moments but will also serve as a striking photo booth backdrop where your friends and family will surely love to strike a pose or two.

Wedding decorations

Lighting is undoubtedly the most essential part of wedding decorations. Whether you want to effuse a soft and subtle glow or you want to brighten up your space, choosing appropriate lighting options is crucial. Where candles, lanterns and string lights augment the festive feel, incorporating eccentric lighting options such as lighted paper lanterns, modern tube lighting and LED light signs into your wedding reception decorations will help you make a bold statement. If this is what you are aiming for, then choose from the exclusive range of decorative wedding lighting offered at tableclothsfactory to emanate a scintillating allure. Boost the impact of your wedding table decorations by placing our LED candles and hang LED string lights all over your wedding venue to give a twinkling effect. Moreover, exhibit a whimsical charm with our gold LED marquee letters and take your wedding decorations to the next level!

Wedding decorations

No Fancy Flower Bouquets

With perspective to sustainability, brides are opting for a fresh twist that nixes the need for a large floral budget. More and more brides are giving a priority to natural-looking bouquets with wild floras instead of traditional roses and other exotic flowers. In our opinion, succulents are the best option to create a unique and natural bouquet for your wedding day. If you completely want to prevent floral wastage of any kind, we recommend our realistic-looking succulents and artificial flowers to make a sensational wedding bouquet. These faux succulents are designed to perfection and it’ll be hard for anyone to guess whether they are natural or man-made.

Wedding decorations

Wedding decor is getting a makeover filled with colors this year while greenery still remains a fabulous choice. The bouquets with spray-painted greens, branches, and grasses add texture to the entire set up. The addition of a hint of unnatural color is what we suggest you include in your wedding arrangements with our colored greenery panels, spray-painted natural ostrich feathers, and silk rose petals. These items are available in amazing shades and will add a startling pop of color to your wedding decor. Place the colorful feathers as a centerpiece on the table or on plates with delicate silk petals scattered on the aisle and you’ll have an exuberant display of color all around your wedding space.

Wedding decorations

While every new year brings a set of new trends and ideas for exotic wedding decorations, it must be remembered that it’s your special day and everything you decorate with love will speak of its beauty on its own. It’s a wise idea to stay abreast with all the latest wedding decoration trends but all that matters at the end of the day is how you manage to display your own style in the wedding decorations. Was this article useful to you? Has our set of ideas and accessories inspired you and will you use them in your wedding decorations? Please share your thoughts and comments with us the section below!

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