Flamboyant Thanksgiving Table to Celebrate in Style!

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With the cool crisp breeze and trees bursting with red, orange, and yellow hues, there is so much to love about this whimsical fall season that never gets old. And how can we forget Thanksgiving that brings a bounty of happiness and blessings amidst the blur of life! Nothing is more precious than having your loved ones gathered around a bountiful Thanksgiving table cherishing the blissful memories! Don’t you agree? Whether you’re hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner for your family or you’re having a small Friendsgiving with your close friends, on Thanksgiving, the dining table is surely the crown jewel of your home. A well-decorated Thanksgiving dinner table conveys a message of gratitude, peace, and everything that this holiday represents, which is why we’ve put so much thought and effort into our setup to create a Thanksgiving table that is warm, welcoming, and delightful. Want to know more about our fall thanksgiving table decorations? Just keep on reading and check out the photos below to gather riveting decor inspiration to recreate a unique fall scene for your holiday table decor!


When it comes to decorating for any holiday, creating a color story right off the bat is definitely a smart decision to set the tone. Because we were going for a fall-inspired vibe for our Thanksgiving table decor we decided to play around with hues of red, orange, rust, brown, and yellow – all the classic autumnal colors. Since Thanksgiving is one of the busiest holidays of the year with a long to-do list, from preparing a lavish meal to creatively decorating your home, choosing linens that need little to no preparation made perfect sense. With this in mind, we didn’t look any further than our spandex tablecloths that are not only durable but also do not require ironing before use. Hence, we have effortlessly covered our table in a rich burgundy-colored spandex tablecloth for a flawless and sleek appeal.

thanksgiving dinner table

Since we were designing a tablescape to serve up a lavish holiday meal, dressing our table with one table cover just wasn’t enough to achieve that festive look. Thus, to accentuate our Thanksgiving dinner table decor, we have also swathed a orange-colored satin table runner down the middle of our spandex covered table that has added a low-key contrast of riveting fall colors. However, to give a bit of textural element to our fall thanksgiving table, we also ended up adorning our table with a ruffled burlap table skirt. With the natural rustic appeal of the burlap table skirt and chic ruffled design, our tablescape exuded autumnal perfection!

thanksgiving dinner table

Table Settings

As soon as all the linens were in place, we moved on to the Thanksgiving dinner table setting. Since this holiday is all about sharing a wonderful meal together, curating exquisite tableware that is also convenient was our priority. So we settled on using our designer disposable dinnerware for our place settings to impart a majestic allure while making clean-up after the dinner party a breeze. To begin with, we have set the stage with our rhinestone diamond encrusted gold acrylic round charger plates and topped them with our simple round disposable dinner plates to strike a perfect balance of opulence and elegance. Moreover, we have paired our gorgeous plates with our hammered designed gold disposable silverware, gold rimmed glasses, and cups for a sensational cohesive flair. Whereas, the chocolate-hued polyester table napkins coupled with exquisite copper or gold napkin rings have added the perfect amount of shine and polish completing our elegant and luxurious Thanksgiving table setting. You can also give extra love and care to your napkins and fold them to emulate a turkey to add a fun playful touch or form them into bows slipping the copper napkin rings over the center for a graceful and stylish charm.

thanksgiving dinner table

Table Centerpieces

Since the Thanksgiving dinner table is the center point of the entire celebration, we decided to bedeck our tablescape with multiple Thanksgiving table centerpieces because why settle for only one when you and your guests can enjoy a few? Sounds right, doesn’t it! So we drew inspiration from the magical flamboyant fall foliage and created an autumnal display of beautiful flora in orange, burgundy, and neutral hues to inject a whimsical charm. Hence, we have bunched together our artificial cream-colored roses and hydrangea bouquets with vibrant orange silk chrysanthemums and placed them in two rose gold vessel shaped glass vases to create stunning Thanksgiving table floral centerpieces that won’t interfere with the sightlines across the table. However, to add a gorgeous visual interest to our tablescape, we also positioned our tall chrome gold ombre glass vases and arranged some fanned out orange satin craft leaves, burgundy-hued peony flowers, and blush-colored baby breaths in them that has invoked a sleek elegance into our fall Thanksgiving table decorations. These metallic vases matched perfectly with our gold place settings while the flamboyant fall-fueled accents were a nod to the splendid autumn season!

thanksgiving dinner table

Additional Tabletop Decorations

Although the enchanting floral vase centerpieces were the highlight of our classic Thanksgiving table setup, we wanted to add some greenery to our tabletop for a refreshing spin. So we juxtaposed our frosted green artificial eucalyptus leaf garland featuring white ranunculus flowers and bright yellow sunflower garland around our metallic vase centerpieces for a charming allure. The sunflower garland added a celebratory and festive note to our tablescape while the lush greenery garland with white flowers toned it down a notch imbuing an elegant flair. Moreover, to illume our Thanksgiving dinner table, we introduced our rose gold taper candles to our crystal candle holders and also scattered a few metallic rose gold tea light LED candles around the edges of the table runner that emanated a soft warm glow infusing a cozy and inviting vibe into our holiday set up!

thanksgiving dinner table

This glorious Thanksgiving dinner table featuring rich fall colors and accents appeals to all the senses and feels undeniably festive!  All you need to cap off this beautiful tablescape is a big plump turkey sitting right in the middle for a special and delightful finish to your Thanksgiving table set up. Grab all the essentials from tableclothsfactory to recreate this magnificent fall thanksgiving dinner table and let the celebrations begin! If you have any suggestions or questions about our setup, we would love to hear them out. Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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