Flower Backdrops for Your Kardashian Style Wedding

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After Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot in front of a grandiose 20ft flower wall  (which costed $136,000 according to Daily Mail), floral backdrops have suddenly soared in popularity. Since the average wedding budget in the USA is $ 33,394, cheaper alternatives, such as mini flower walls, minimalist style versions, or seasonal flower options, began to pop up. However, if that lush 20ft wall is exactly what you want to see in your wedding, look no further than our adorable artificial flower backdrops!

Why Faux Flowers?

It’s no secret that fresh flowers are pretty pricey, and sometimes hard to obtain in large quantities. However, their main disadvantage is that they are prone to wilting at the worst possible time. This means that it’s difficult to assemble a bloomy backdrop ahead of time without browning.

With our artificial flower walls, you don’t have to compromise. Feel free to set up as many floral backgrounds as you wish without emptying your wallet. Crafted with utmost intricacy from high-grade materials, our inexpensive flowery wall coverings can fool even the most sophisticated eye into thinking they are real. Since all our vertical gardens are sold in pre-made mats, you don’t have to mount each flower individually upon the grid - just attach them together with zip ties and push pin to any flat surface.

How to Use Our Flower Panels?

Whether you’re getting hitched indoors or outdoors, use our floral panels to create fabulous backdrops, photo backgrounds, fence coverings, passageway beautifiers, or whimsical vertical gardens. Wherever you apply them you can embellish their visual charm with our giant foam flowersivy garlandssilk petalsbanner pennantsstring lights, and other accessories of your choice. 

To go along with your adorable backdrop, use matching linens and centerpieces. For example, our blush backdrop will blow your mind if you use our blush tablecloth along with our gold tabletop decor. Or our hydrangeas go perfectly well with our captivating champagne flutesheart-shaped wine stopper, and ever-lovable pearls.

Looking for a splashy table runner to overshadow your plain tablecloth? We suggest you purchase several flower panels from our collection and craft a lush table runner, which will become the real attention grabber.


But if flowers aren't your style we have a large selection of artificial green walls as well!

All in all, no matter how creative you are and what celebrity is your inspiration, come to TableclothsFactory and we’ll show you how to be the real star on your Big Day without spending a fortune!

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