Four Appetizers to Try At your Next Reception

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Tired of the typical finger foods? Whether you’re a tired reception hall coordinator or event planner working on her ‘ninth event and tired of shrimp cocktails, popcorn chicken, meatballs and chips n’ dip a fresh recipe is more than a delight – it’s delicious!

Here are four new ideas to try out!

Dumplings n’ Pot Stickers

We may be a tad excited about this seeminly typical choice. There’s so many ways to pull them off, healthy or traditional, vegetarian or spicy, which means you can meet the needs of all of your guests. For a traditional recipe try Delish or for a vegetarian dumpling try Smitten Kitchen.

Baked Spinach Dip Bread Bowls

These single serve bread bowls let everyone 1. Get their fair share of the bread and 2. Are much less messy than any dip and bread bowl. Check out the bread bowl recipe at the Picky Palate.

Chocolate Donuts with Salted Carmel Icing

Suck up to your guests sweet tooth and throw all diets and caution to the wind with these amazing donuts. Make these up to three days ahead of your big event! Get the donut recipe at Table For Two Blog.

Herbed Cream Cheese and Cucumber Bites

Nothing weighs guests down like a heavy course of appetizers before ever getting to the dinner or cake! A light healthy bite like these cream cheese topped cucumbers are a cute and tangy treat which you can find at Alisa Burke.


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