Glitter: Three Questions About One of the Oldest Trends Answered

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Have strong feelings about glitter? You’re not alone – little kids swoon over it, unicorns bathe in it, police use it to solve crimes, and glam rock stars have it in their make-up arsenal. But how did this glitter craze begin? And how can you make dazzling accessories a part of your décor without making it tacky? There’s no need to spend anymore googling – all the answers are here! 

Why We Are Attracted to All Things Glitter

Though the first production of modern glitter took place in 1934, we’ve been attached to shiny things since the dawn of time, which isn’t surprising – after all, glitter and wealth often go hand in hand. Meanwhile, according to, the roots to our attraction to everything sparkly go deeper than this. New research has proven that our impulse for shiny surfaces is driven by an instinct to seek out shimmering rivers and streams. This explains why Paleolithic people used to bedazzle things with mica (sheets of silicate-forming materials), why modern kids prefer things that sparkle, and why wearing a shiny object evokes a sense of optimism in adults.  

What We Have to Offer

At TableclothsFactory, we go above and beyond to make our customers feel happier. Thus, in order to quench your thirst for the twinkly stuff, we offer a huge selection of dazzling goodies. Not so long ago, our sparkly collection was enriched with the set of round glitter acrylic charger plates available in the trendiest hues – gold, silver, and rose gold. These adorable chargers will not just protect your favorite linens from spills but will also jazz up even the most dull-looking table setting with their eye-catching, sparkly surfaces. To augment the glitzy appeal of these chargers, you can also consider our disposable glittered cups and glasses. For a more uniformed appearance, take care of your chairs – to this effect, you can choose between our shiny stretchy chair sashes (which look perfect in conjunction with our black spandex covers), spandex covers with metallic glittering back, which can transform even the most lackluster chairs into terrific ones, or glittery chair slipcovers, which will enhance the visual appeal of your swanky Chiavari chairs.

In case you want to make glitter the core element of your décor, we are at your service with our shiny table covers – not only will they make your guests unaware of your old and dreary table, they will enchant your party space with their regal appeal. If glitter linens do not tickle your fancy, consider accentuating your table setting with our glitter stems, glittered manzanitas, and shiny cake toppers, to name just a few.  For your backdrops, we can help you with our shiny spandex backdrops, which looks even more fabulous when paired with our mirror balls

What You Can Do Yourself

Are you a crafty person? Lucky for you, there’s a huge lot of easy glittery DIY projects out there. Our foam glitter sheets alone give plenty of inspiration, from glitter coasters to whimsical shiny garlands. Using our maple leaf confetti and our glitter sand, you can easily make glitter leaves for garlands, wreaths, or book scrapping – just cover each leaf with glue, coat it with glitter, and let it dry! With the same “glue-and-glitter” technique, you can bedazzle candles, holders, wall art, invitations, pine cones, pumpkins, and beyond (hint: using paper stencils will make you a “bling king/queen”)! If you’re eager to make something truly grandeur, consider this easy-to-make glitter-and-lights canvas – you’ll need a canvas, glitter sand, decoupage medium, string lights, and this guide.

Whether you’re planning a glitter party or just looking to spruce up your décor with a couple of shimmering accents, we are always at the ready to make your fantasies come true. Have you come up with a unique way of using our glittery accessories? Are there any glittery DIY projects that blow your mind away? Please let us know in the comments below!

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