How Many Napkins Are Needed For A Wedding?

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When it comes to creating an awe-inspiring tablescape, table napkins play an important role. Although they seems like a small detail but one cannot deny the fact that these gratifying accessories attractively heighten your wedding tables and tableware along with exuding a classy appeal to your overall wedding décor. When it comes to decorating tablescapes for weddings, make sure to choose eccentric table napkins as they help make a huge splash on your table settings. Table napkins effortlessly help in dressing up the tables to nines and give a touch of elegance and class to your partyscapes. One question that always pops up when choosing the table napkins is, “how many napkins do you need for a wedding?’’ as there is no point in ordering too many of them. To help you estimate the number of napkins you need for a wedding, we have rounded up some useful tips to help you decide on choosing the table napkins for your wedding like a pro!

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How Do I Choose A Wedding Napkin?

The first and the foremost thing that should be kept in mind before selecting table napkins is to know the theme of your wedding, as choosing the right type of table napkins will help in attaining your anticipated look. Whether you choose dinner napkins or luncheon napkins, the fabric materials and designs of the table napkins will give a top notch feel to your wedding tablescapes. From sequins, satin, taffeta & velvet napkins to polyester, gauze cheesecloth, pintuck, burlap, and paper napkins, you can find a remarkable range of fancy table napkins at our online store in a plethora of amazing colors, so choose the best table napkins that meet your event’s theme and make a smart choice. If you have organized an elegant wedding reception, select sequin napkins, satin linen napkins, or velvet napkins, and for your garden themed or a fairytale wedding, choose geometric design napkins, taffeta crinkle, pintuck or paper napkins. Hosting a woodland themed wedding? Adorn your wedding tablescapes with rustic elegance by opting for burlap, gauze cheesecloth napkins, linen napkins, cloth napkins, or polyester napkins.

Difference Between Luncheon Napkins & Dinner Napkins

Your choice of table napkins will say a lot about your aesthetic taste as every napkin has its own design and look. The table napkins that are most commonly used in weddings are dinner napkins and luncheon or cocktail napkins, for those who want to understand the difference between luncheon and dinner napkins, read along:

Luncheon napkins are small napkins almost half the size of dinner napkins and are considered as the go-to napkins for any kind of mealtime. The size of luncheon napkins may vary, but the one that is most likely used by people at weddings is 13"x13, once they are folded these small table napkins appear as a 6.5" square. These fancy table napkins are used by the guests for wiping their hands and mouth after the meal, so make sure to order two napkins per guest. To give your wedding tablescapes a stylish allure, we offer our 2ply wedding napkins, paper napkins, 3ply wedding cocktail napkins, disposable paper napkins, and, beverage napkins, that have a smooth and soft texture that will surely impress your guests in a charming way.

Dinner napkins on the other hand are large table napkins that are most likely folded in half to form a rectangle shape and are placed at the lap while having dinner. Most commonly used size of these dinner table napkins range from 17inches to 22inches, which easily settle down under the silverware and don’t look overwhelming on the tabletop too. While setting up your wedding tablescapes, make sure to place one to two luncheon napkins per person and let them have the most pleasurable dining experience. To glam up your wedding tablescapes in a classy way, we present to you our colorful collection of cloth dinner napkins, taffeta dinner napkins, cheesecloth dinner napkins, pintuck napkins, and satin napkins. So don’t forget to look into these exquisite table napkins collections and exude a riveting flair all around your wedding tabletops.

How Big Is A Wedding Napkin?

While choosing table napkins for wedding another important factor that is to be kept in mind is the, how big the table napkin should be? The size that is most commonly used for dinner table napkins at weddings is 17x17", 24''Lx19"W, or 20x20'', but one can choose between 20'' napkins and 17''napkins if the size of their dinner plates and chargers are different for the standard one. In order to enhance the visual appeal of these dinner napkins, pre-folding them into rectangle shape or in a large square shape can be a great idea. Cocktail napkins or beverage napkins of 10x10"are mostly preferred for serving drinks, appetizers, and desserts, whereas, luncheon napkins are the standard table napkins that go perfectly for a sit-down meal or buffet style one.

Choose the best table napkins for your wedding and add regal touch to your lead tables. Our collection of fancy table napkins will charm your guests with their sheer elegance and fanciful feel, so order the right number of table napkins and make your grand soiree spectacular. We hope that this blog post was helpful enough to make you decide, how many napkins do you need for a wedding? If you still need little more guidance don’t hesitate to ask us, we will be looking forward to your comments in the box below!

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