How to Add Color to Your Wedding

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Bright and bold color combinations have been a huge trend for the 2012 wedding season. The key to perfecting this trend is by using the colors you have chosen in strategic and small places. You don’t want the colors to be overwhelming to guests or to be taking away from the overall décor instead of adding to it. There are numerous ways to stylishly and effectively add color to your wedding.


  • Flowers are an obvious way to add colors easily, but you can also have accents on the ribbons on the ring bearer’s pillow and flower girl’s basket.
  • Aisle runners can easily incorporate your wedding colors by being embroidered.
  • Finally, wedding programs and fans allow you to tie the colors into your various stationary items as well.


  • Colored bridal sashes have become very popular in many weddings, especially brightly colored ones.
  • The bride’s heels and groom’s sock are very small places to not only add color to the wedding, but also to show off their personalities.


  • Napkins or coasters are another inexpensive way to add color.
  • The centerpieces, flowers, and other decorations should also have accents of your color scheme.
  • Even your cake and cake topper can incorporate the colors of your wedding.

Now remember, when adding these pops of color, do them in moderation. You want your wedding to look fun, modern and inviting, but not too loud to be distracting from the actual event. Choose up to three colors to use as accents throughout your wedding, and have fun with it. Use the colors in any place you can imagine, as long as it’s still stylish. Other than that, enjoy your day and make it “pop” in guests’ minds!

How did you incorporate your colors into your wedding?

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