How to Host the Ultimate Friendsgiving this Year

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If you were planning to spend Thanksgiving with your family but your work schedule isn't allowing the trip home, you can throw an equally thankful bash for your second family – your friends. Friendsgiving is something you and your friends will look forward to all year. Not only do you get to spend time with your friends, but you also get to enjoy really good food. Let’s be real though, hosting Friendsgiving can be expensive! To save you from spending a fortune, we have gathered some amazing ideas for your Friendsgiving décor that’ll be just as memorable as the good food that you will be eating.

Friendsgiving Décor

The best part of a Friendsgiving décor is setting up your dining room to give a warm welcome to your friends. To start off with the décor, create an inspiring backdrop on your focal wall using streamers, Friendsgiving banners, and foil balloons. Not only will a large backdrop design change the overall look of your room, but it will also be a great background for capturing memorable and fun pictures with your friends. Create a nice ‘Friendsgiving’ signage using our trendy rose gold letter balloons which are the perfect accessory to decorate with on Friendsgiving while being pocket-friendly as well. Display a tassel tissue garland made out of our tissue tassels to accentuate the backdrop look and to add a festive touch to your décor.


If rose gold doesn’t inspire you for your Friendsgiving décor, there’s always gold color that serves as a savior for any festive occasion. As gold is the staple Friendsgiving color, opt for our gold foil balloons or gold confetti-filled balloons to add oodles of festive flair into the ambiance. If you like this kind of décor for your Friendsgiving party that is light on the pocket but elevates the look by several notches, you can even create cute Friendsgiving balloons out of our latex balloons. Write some Friendsgiving quotes on them and stick some together to make them look like turkeys. Assemble all your decorated balloons together and display them on your wall around the dining area to have loads of fun on your Friendsgiving dinner.


As we know that this time year is about celebrating the harvest, head outside for inspiration and include some natural elements like our realistic-looking greenery garlands into your décor. Bring nature indoors with our leaf-chain garlands arranged on your wall with a ‘give thanks’ banner and create a cozy atmosphere for your Friendsgiving party.


An Inviting Tablescape

Since the primary focus is going to be the food, elaborate table decorations won’t be necessary. However, some inexpensive yet elegant touches to the tablescape will add a touch of sophistication to your Friendsgiving table décor. Dress your table in a neutral hue with our white or ivory velvet tablecloth to add a little depth and elegance. Next, opt for our gold beaded chargers to set the stage for a fabulous place setting. Place our stylish disposable dinner and salad plates atop the chargers and complement this combination with our metallic finish disposable flatware and rose gold glitter dusted glasses. The last and elegant addition to your place setting would be our classic white napkins and napkin rings for a complete and welcoming Friendsgiving dinner table set up for all your beloved friends.  


Looking for unique Friendsgiving party ideas to surprise your friends? Let your friends find their seats for Friendsgiving with some fun DIY feather place cards. Stamp each of friends’ names on our gold-dipped feathers and leave their custom place card on their dinner plate.


How are you going to decorate your Friendsgiving party this year? Did our set of ideas inspire you? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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