How to Plan a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner At Home

•  Valentine's Day

Are you hoping to spend a romantic evening with your partner this Valentine’s Day? We know dinner dates are a key component of many people’s Valentine’s Day plans, but why not skip the restaurant and transform your own kitchen or dining room into a lover’s paradise? Many couples are unable to afford a big extravagant dinner, and turning your own home into a 5-star restaurant is the next best option, and better yet, you’re the only people there! Here are some tips on how to celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day without making reservations or even leaving the house:


  • Cover your table with one of our beautiful satin tablecloths. Opt for passionate and sexy colors such as red, or go with a classic black or white.
  • Save the paper napkins for your next barbecue! Set linen napkins or satin napkins out for this special evening. Setting linen napkins out in a heart shape is an excellent way to convey your love. (Refer to our last blog post on how to do fold fun napkins or try this fun idea we spotted in the picture!)
  • Now that tablecloths and napkins are covered, it’s time to start planning the menu. Consider cooking a three-course meal! Look for new and exciting recipes to try and really sweep your partner off their feet. If you ever wanted to try something culinary crazy, here’s your chance to let your foodie flag fly.
  • Opt for candle light or low light in your dining area. If your home has a fireplace, a romantic and unconventional dinner in front of the fire will really heat things up. Tablecloths also make great picnic blankets if you decide to dine in an unconventional way.

Have fun with your romantic dinner! If you make a mess, clean it up the next day. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love!

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