Is Burgundy A Spring Wedding Color?

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Is Burgundy a Spring Wedding Color? A recurring query by soon to be married couples who cannot resist the beauty and boldness associated with lovely burgundy. Though burgundy is traditionally associated with fall or winter, with a little planning and ingenuity, burgundy can be used in summer and spring weddings too. If you are planning a spring wedding and want burgundy color in your wedding, you have enough on your plate. You can easily work on different color combinations to make burgundy an all-weather wedding color. If your favorite color is burgundy but have no idea how to use it in a spring wedding, we have highlighted some of the popular spring wedding colors combinations to get you started.

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Create Burgundy And Navy Blue Tablespace

An aesthetic use of burgundy with other beautiful hues will create a look that is appropriate for all seasons and will change the concept that burgundy is strictly associated with fall and winter seasons. For a brilliant color contrast, try a fusion of burgundy and navy blue. With our table covers and table centrepieces, you can achieve the desired look. Cover your wedding tables with our navy blue tablecloths, blue table runners, navy blue folding chair covers. After dressing your tables and chairs in blue, add  burgundy sashes to each chair. Use gold metal flower stand, burgundy candle holders, burgundy charger plates, and burgundy artificial flowers as table centerpieces.

Impress Everyone With A Touch Of Burgundy Amidst Soft Hues

Soft colors have always been a part of spring weddings and the trend has not still changed. You may add an element of surprise and sophistication by combining blush pink and burgundy. Blush pink and burgundy perfectly complement each other and add to each other’s charm. If you are looking for spring wedding colors, choose our pink napkins, pink helium balloons, and confetti glitters for the same. Let the bridesmaids and flower girls wear light pink dresses and shower burgundy confetti over the bride and groom for a perfect spring statement.

Marvel Visitors With Black, Serene Blue, And Burgundy

Let black, burgundy, and serene blue feature prominently in your spring wedding color scheme. It's a brilliant idea to type your wedding invites in a combination of black and burgundy. Use black and burgundy fonts against light blue background to type your wedding invitation message. You can use the same color combinations when selecting other items for the special day. For instance, you can opt for our black ostrich feathers, black manzanita tree, and serene blue rose petals.   

Spruce Up Your Event With Burgundy And Neutral Colors

There is no hard and fast rule that only bright and light colors can be used in a spring wedding. As neutral colors can be used in any season, you need to pause for a while and think about the best neutral colors that can be used for event decoration.  Copper, mauve, beige, grey, and taupe are excellent neutral colors for weddings. Your event will stand out if you choose our napkin rings, cutlery in natural brown color, silver cutlery set, and silver grey vase filler.

 Despite the fact that burgundy is usually associated with the fall and winter seasons, we've seen how it can be used in spring weddings as well. As we have adequately addressed the question Is burgundy a spring wedding color, we hope it will no longer remain a puzzle for you. However, if you still are not satisfied, you can try other combinations of bright and light colors to find the unique combinations of burgundy for this year’s spring wedding. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions in the comment section below.

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