Is Burgundy a Summer Wedding Color?

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Summer is the most exciting time to get married, although the weather is hot, but the scenic outdoor beauty and the sweet scent of lush greenery and lovely blooms make the whole atmosphere ever so pretty. If you are getting married this summer and are looking for an interesting summer wedding colors scheme to give your warm-weather event a totally outstanding feel, we suggest picking burgundy and its shades, as these unexpected summer wedding colors will create an eye-catching freshness in your wedding. Usually couples opt for bright pinks, orange, yellows, blue, and greens for their wedding as these are considered as 5 hot summer wedding colors and with this bold shade, they might ask themselves that, ‘Is burgundy a summer wedding color?’ Well, burgundy is among the late summer wedding colors, but if you use it sparingly, it can also work as a great summer wedding colors palette. In this blog post we are sharing some ways we think you should use this summer wedding colors motif on your wedding day.

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An Attention-Grabbing Hue!

Summer weddings with an outdoor location is what mostly couples prefer, whether it’s a garden or a beautiful sea view, choosing burgundy as one of your summer wedding colors will take the aesthetics of your wedding decor up a notch. Mostly softer tones are opted for a beach themed wedding but having a bold summer wedding colors like burgundy will bring an exotic and unusual feel into your summer wedding decor. Give your beach themed wedding a captivating and opulent appeal by adorning it with a luxurious burgundy drapery along with plush floral arrangement and centerpiece decor. Pairing this bold hue with little bright red, gold, beige, white, pale blue or soft blush will give you some amazing summer wedding colors combinations that will turn your summer wedding venue into a real-life fairy tale land.

Enticing Fabric & Floral Arrangement!

Burgundy is one of those vibrant summer wedding colors that bring exuberance into the decor and that too without making much effort. Pairing burgundy with other summer wedding colors might bring whimsy into your decor but if you want this amazing summer wedding color to work as a standalone summer wedding colors palette, then let it in and take your summer wedding decor to another level of class and elegance. For a beach theme wedding, having these bright summer wedding colors scheme will create an amazing landscape, simply adorn the posts of your wedding backdrop with burgundy wedding drapery and create amazing burgundy themed flower bouquets featuring cool shades of red, lavender, blue along with ratta hanging flower garlands and let this enticing fabric and floral arrangement stay in your guests’ mind for a long time.

Burgundy Cocktail Table Decorations!

For your burgundy themed summer wedding decor, try to incorporate these bold summer wedding colors in each and every area of your wedding venue. Give your wedding stage a truly magnificent allure by setting up a modern wedding cocktail table as it is the center of attention in any wedding decor. Add glamorized charm into your summer wedding reception by adorning it with burgundy velvet tablecloth, knotted with a lovely flower garland dangling all the way down on the floor. Stylishly display some amazing centerpieces & candle arrangement in burgundy and other summer wedding colors like pink, red & white and let them together create a stunning wedding cocktail table decorations that will help in ascending your summer wedding decor.

Match with Sparkling Embellishments!

Take your love for jewel tone a notch higher by paring your burgundy themed wedding decor with sparkling crystal embellishments and satisfy your aesthetic creativity and stimulate your bold imagination. Create a marvelous and easy-to-maintain hanging arrangements by dangling plenty of air plant terrariums all around the wedding stage and fill them up with pearls, seashells, decorative sand to bring that perfect feel. To bring more charisma into this summer wedding colors palette pair this lovely hanging decor with crystal beaded curtains and let these shining crystals create a mesmerizing sparkling effect into your summer wedding decor.


When we say burgundy, please yourself with the feeling of having a fragrant wine and delightfully incorporate the super cool summer wedding colors into your upcoming summer nuptial. With so much of styling options, we hope that after reading this blog you will not be questioning yourself anymore that, ‘Is burgundy a summer wedding color?’ Check out our exciting collection of burgundy and let this rare summer wedding colors palette create some swoon-worthy summer wedding decor.


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