Let There Be Light: Meet Our New Arrivals!

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Gone are the days when fairy lights were a Christmas attribute. Today, these twinkling (and not twinkling) little replicas of stars play an important role in home and event décor. In fact, they are true chameleons - they can be strung, hung, and wrapped! Don’t know how to incorporate these tiny pieces of festivity into your décor? Worry not (and doubt not as well), our new collection of LED fairy string lights will spark your inspiration and help you transform your dull-looking space into a paradise of endless partying.

Ornament Metallic String Lights

In case, you haven’t heard, this year is all about metallics. If you also want to embrace this craze, consider our metallic LED fairy lights. Crafted from high-quality metal with intricate patterns, these lantern style string lights create whimsical shadows that can mesmerize even the most sophisticated beholder. Whatever effect you want to produce, choose between hearts, stars, balls, teardrops, or dices.

For romantic and cozy atmosphere, look no further than these lovely hearts. Being cold to the touch, these charms emanate a heart-warming glow.

Love both globe-style string lights and metallics? With our metallic ball-shaped string lights, you can get the best of both worlds! Available in gold and silver, these surreal darlings will naturally blend with any color palette!

Looking for something even more Christmas-inspired? With these star-shaped cuties, the Christmas spirit will warm your heart all year round.

Mirrored glass string lights

Setting up a huge mirror disco ball can be challenging, but how to create that classic disco groovy atmosphere without the struggle? With our warm white or assorted mirrored glass string lights, you can get the party started even in your bedroom! Embellished with tiny mirrors, these little babies reflect light in a “disco” manner, turning any space into a party place.

Cork Screwed Jar LED Sting Lights

Bail on seasons and bathe in summer sunshine even in winter with our Cork Screwed Jar LED string lights! Made of premium glass, each jar contains a couple of tiny seashells and a sprinkle of sand to bring an exotic feel of a summer beach to your parties or interior. You may even “hear” waves crashing on cliffs wherever you hang these darlings!

LED photo clips

To create a sophisticated display of your photos, artwork, paintings, cards, or other “light-as-a-feather” crafts, there’s no need to mess around with clotheslines and string lights. Instead, our warm white LED photo clips will serve both as pegs for your cherished memories and a whimsical garland of fairy lights. The only thing better than these warm white babies is our assorted LED photo clips.

Last but not least, all our LED string lights are battery operated, which means that you can use them anywhere and anytime. To learn more about these enchanting luminosities, stop by our Fresh Arrivals section to find our full collection of fairy lights!

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