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Planning to tie the knot soon but want to keep it simple, fresh, and edgy? Put a contemporary spin on your traditional nuptials and host a super chic, modern wedding to keep up with the trends. A modern wedding theme is a great way to showcase your love for all things current! Channel a minimalistic approach for your wedding decorations and incorporate clean lines, sleek accents, dramatic uplighting, and an overflow of lush greenery to turn your event into a modern retreat. Need more inspirational ideas to strike the perfect balance of exquisite simplicity and elegance? We’ve gathered some trendy tips and modern wedding ideas to help you usher a contemporary flair into your affair. Just keep on reading and find elements that reflect your chic style!

Pick A Suitable Venue

One of the best ways to effortlessly translate your style into your big day is through a venue. Look for a space that offers a clean, neutral palette and feels undeniably contemporary. Host your wedding at a loft, rooftop, old factory or industrial warehouse and lean into interesting surfaces and textures to bring in a sophisticated charm. Think wood pallet walls, concrete floors, and vaulted ceilings to stylishly accentuate your modern design.

modern wedding ideas

Use Industrial Lighting

Lighting is one of the most recognizable elements of any industrial style space. Celebrate the simple and sturdy aesthetics of your wedding venue and incorporate geometric pendant lights into your ceremony backdrop decorations or light up your event with hanging bulb string lights to augment the architectural appeal of your venue.

modern wedding ideas

Set Up A Unique Wedding Arch

If you’re trying to plan a wedding ceremony with a classic structure but with the right hint of modernity, add a unique and classy twist to your arch decorations to carry your modern wedding theme forward. Geometric wedding arches are a popular wedding trend right now as they feature sharp, clean lines and bring a touch of character to the overall design. Opt for a hexagonal or triangle wedding arch and leave it bare or use minimal decorations to highlight the sleek structure.

modern wedding ideas

Go For A Monochromatic Palette

A monochrome color palette is one of the easiest and refined ways to imbue a contemporary vibe into your wedding design. Though black and white with an abundance of greenery is an all-time favorite color scheme for a modern wedding as it brings a fresh and sharp contrast, you can also pair soft neutrals such as blush, taupe, or ivory with metallic gold or silver hues and use black as an accent color for a sophisticated and timeless modern look.

modern wedding ideas

Declutter The Tables

When setting up tables for your modern wedding reception, try keeping the clutter to a minimum and use streamlined decorations for a sleek appeal. Create visual interest with crisp lines, striking colors, and negative space and use items such as metal stands, galvanized buckets or trays to match your modern wedding table decorations with the stark industrial design of your wedding venue.

modern wedding ideas

However, if you’re looking to modernize your wedding reception table decor without making it too unconventional, stick with a formal place setting but focus on using contrasting hues and clean lines for that ultra-modern flair. Either opt for galvanized charger plates coupling them with white linen napkins and greenery sprigs to inject just the perfect amount of freshness and elegance into your table settings or use clear glass gold beaded chargers with chic black and gold cutlery and silver gray linen napkins giving them an edgy twist fold for a contemporary feel that is fresh yet still classic.

modern wedding ideas

Choose Foliage Instead Of Florals

Who says you need florals to make your wedding decorations stand out? Giving foliage the centerstage can really elevate the scene. Use an overflow of greenery to add a dose of contemporary style to your modern wedding decor. Grace the wedding tables with lush vines and leaves or bedeck glass or metal vases with gorgeous evergreen foliage arrangements to create the perfect modern wedding table centerpieces.

modern wedding ideas

Even the bridal bouquet can be layered with a gorgeous mix of foliage to highlight the modern style. However, to make it really pop against the simple modern wedding dress, go for an unconventional shape, like the cascade or consider using accent flowers with structure such as calla lilies or orchid stems for a subtle reference to the modish industrial design.

modern wedding ideas

Focus On Elevating The Ceiling Decor

Keeping the background walls simple and treating just the ceiling will certainly make a super chic visual impact. Hang geometric terrariums filled with foliage and decorative white gravel from the vaulted ceiling or stylishly deck the ceiling with sheer drapes and suspend a ceiling hoop from the top adorning it with cascading garlands and vines to impart imperial elegance.

modern wedding ideas

Play With Trendy Design Elements

Incorporating unexpected design elements such as acrylic ghost chairs into your contemporary style ceremony and reception decor will allow all the other elements to shine while imbuing an ultra modern feel. Whereas using metallic geometric decor accessories will add just the perfect amount of oomph and glam that a modern wedding theme needs. However, combining geometric designs with acrylic or Lucite decor style is a great way to blend minimalism and modern style together. Use acrylic plexiglass sheets to create wedding signs, place cards, menu cards and opt for acrylic hexagonal table numbers to bring a modern edge to your setup.

modern wedding ideas

As you can see, there are endless possibilities to give a contemporary touch to your wedding. Can you think of any more edgy modern wedding ideas to turn a traditional wedding into a super chic affair? We are all ears! Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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