More Than Spring Blooms: Peonies That Can Please Your Eyes All Year Round

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As a symbol of honor (especially for people bringing honor to their family through success), romantic love, wealth, and beauty in all forms, peony is a perfect addition to any celebration, whether it is a wedding, anniversary, or birthday. Because its flowering period falls on spring and early summer, peony arrangements are widely used during these seasons. But despite this fact, they look perfect in winter and fall flower arrangements as well – experimenting with colors and additional plants is all it takes. But let’s face it: decorating with “out-of-season” flowers is not that budget-friendly. To save your wallet from emptying, switch to artificial blooms! Fortunately, our online store offers a myriad of fake peonies, which will instantly win your heart with their life-like appearance. Feel free to choose from several varieties in accordance with your needs.

Universal Peonies

Made of silk, these classic, ruffled peonies mimic the natural charisma of fresh-cut botanicals. Available in more colors than fresh peonies can offer, they can fit into any color palette, which makes them far more versatile than their natural twins. Featuring removable flower heads and bendable stems, these artificial blooms can become a part of your classic floral arrangements, pew bows, floating centerpieces, flower table runners, chair sashes, and beyond. Make no mistake – you can display them on their own or couple with other compatible blooms, such as roses, hydrangeas, daisies , sunflowers, vine hanging garlands, and beyond.

Multi-Sized Peony Bouquets

Probably, you have heard that using flowers of different sizes will bring texture and dimension into any bouquet. However, if your tough schedule doesn’t allow you to poke around in a myriad of party decoration stores for a bunch of peonies of different sizes, you can save your time with our multi-sized peony bouquet. This posy, comprising of three large peony heads, two small peony heads, and one tiny peony head, will steal your breath. Available in five basic hues, this bouquet can be a perfect adornment for any season – you can utilize our burgundy and yellow bouquets for your autumnal ensemble while our pink and blush peonies are ideal for spring.  

Dual-Tone Bomb Peonies

Swooning over those neatly sculptured, ball-shaped bomb peonies? Our dual-tone bomb peony bouquets will tick all the boxes. Being extremely natural-looking, they come in vintage, dusty tones, making them ideal for rustic and winter-inspired arrangements. Thus, if you want to spruce up your tabletop with a wintery bouquet, you can couple these peonies with succulents, ferns, or eucalyptus sprays. To finish things off with a rustic touch, don’t pass by our white washed rustic wooden boxes and our glittered bay leaf Christmas sprays

Bomb Peony Arrangements

In case you are too short on time to assemble bouquets by yourself, these is no need to hire a florist – in our opinion, it would be faster and cheaper to opt for our ready-made bouquets. Those who have a fascination for peonies and hydrangeas shouldn’t look any further than our peony and hydrangea artificial silk flower bouquets, which are available in light pink/blush and ivory/light yellow/yellow, meaning that they will look nice in our trumpet hour glass vases and julep cups vases. Can’t imagine any celebration without roses? There’s no doubt that our peony, rosebud and hydrangea artificial silk flower bouquets won’t make you disappointed. Like our dual-tone bomb peony bouquets, they are available in dusty and earthy shades, making them also perfect for vintage, wintery, or rustic floral arrangements.

Giant Paper Peonies

To blow everyone away with a breathtaking statement piece, consider our assorted-size giant paper peonies. Despite their size, which goes beyond reality, these blooms mimic the charming appearance of real botanicals. Available in dual tones, like apple green/mint, cream/taupe, and beyond, they will instantly add a visual interest into any settings. Ranging in diameter, from 12 to 20, these flowers will be a perfect addition for your backdrops and tabletops. Thus, to build a hassle-free photo backdrop, all you need is to pin them to the wall. To carry on with the floral theme, you can also use them to decorate your chair sashes, place them atop our pillar vases, or arrange them into a bloomy table runner.

As you can see, nothing can beat peonies in terms of versatility – you can use them in ANY theme, and they will never be out of place. In accordance with a style of your event, feel free to display these peonies in our clear vases, mason jars, bottles, white ceramic containers, rustic wooden boxes or utilize them for your backdrops, garlands, kissing balls, napkin rings, or whatever you find inspiring. Either way, we can’t wait to find out which of our peonies blow your mind. Please let us know in the comments below!

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