New “Besos” Embroidered Fabrics

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Here at tableclothsfactory, we are expanding our fabric collection! One of our newest fabrics that has just arrived is our “Muchos Besos” Embroidered fabric. The name originates from Spanish meaning “Many Kisses”, something we want to express through this beautiful fabric.

The body of this fabric is made up of a sheer delicate organza, while the accented designs include interconnected leaves and flowers in a soft velvet. This type of fabric is highly recommended in making sashes, runners, drapery and even veils. If you’re really feeling bold, it would make a unique and gorgeous outer layer for skirts and dresses. We have two sizes available as well; Our smaller 12″x 10 yards size and the 54″x 10 yards size.

The colors that we’re showcasing here are only a fraction of what we’re starting to carry. We currently have a total of 13 different colors for this fabric, so check them out here:
Muchos Besos Embroidered Fabrics

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