Perfect Uses for Tablecloths at Your Graduation Party

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There are so many great reasons to use tablecloths at your graduation affair this year. You may think they are just a waste, but we are here to prove they are much more than a decoration. Of course they do add some spark and color to your party but they can be used for much more.

Reuse, Recycle, and Save! If this is your first of a few graduation parties you will be hosting in years to come there is no reason why you can’t wipe down and save the tablecloths for your next party. This will save you some worry and money for the next bash you throw – and it’s a way to recycle! In fact, collect a few boxes to make it easy to save and store tablecloths, balloon weights and decorations for the next party. When another party or graduation comes around you will be happy you saved these items!

Signature Brag Table. Another great use for a tablecloth at your graduation is to lay one on the “brag table.” This table is placed near the door where guests will arrive. Displayed on the table are pictures of the graduate from birth to the present, the diploma, awards, etc. Place a pen on the table and allow guests to write messages and inspiring quotes on the tablecloth for the graduate to keep as a remembrance of the party.

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