Pinteresting Party Boards From Plum to Pumpkins!

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What ideas have floored us from Pinterest this month? So many fantabulous ideas from across pinterest, from table arrangements, to knew napkin folding tricks to throwing all the standards out the window. Check out our top October Pinterest Picks!

Who’s Expecting? There’s a bundle of joy on the way! When you have themes like ‘She’s About to Pop!’  to ‘Little Pumpkin’ parties,  there’s no need for typical blue and pink color themes, or “Guess the Sex!” in a general neutral color. Check out the pin board:

A ‘Green’ 50th Anniversary. Go green with joy for a fresh celebration of an old love. We love this very green, elegant assortment of ideas including green organza table runners, Fiji mum arrangements, and lamp centerpieces. Check out the pin board:

Forget the White – Plum purple shoes are more than popular, they’re an eye popping wedding detail. (Also, glam for any night out, business lunch or professional dinner – just think of the color coordination possibilities!) Still too typical? Why not make those bridal photos even more crazy by wearing bridal plum? If you let the bridesmaids wear white, you definitely know they’ll be able to reuse those dresses too. (And you can reuse yours!) Check out the pin board:

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