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We’ve often received requests from customers about instructions on how to assemble the party fountain. Today, we are going to show you how to set up the fountain, and offer some customer testimonials. One of the most common issues that our customers mention is the water not being able to pump up the fountain. If this is your issue, please listen closely to hear if there is sound coming out of the motor after it is plugged in. If there is a sound coming out, then the fountain is working correctly. Turn the white circular part of the motor bowl and the water should have no problem pumping up after that. Please make sure that the water is filled enough for the fountain to be able to pump it.

You can also view the video below on how to assemble the fountain:

If this still does not work, try this second method: Begin by gently turning and twisting off the white round plastic water inlet control ring located at the motor bowl. Slowly and gently take out the black rotor stick located on the motor bowl under the inlet control ring. BE SURE to take out the black rotor stick straight up, and do not bend or tilt even slighty (there should also be a magnet portion located at the bottom tip of the rotor stick). Wash the black motor stick with water so any dirt and residue will come off. Let it dry in cool air in an open space overnight. DO NOT use a blowdryer or any other heat as the black rubber on the rotor stick may melt or misshapen. When all is dry, place parts back into their original place. The fountain should work then.

Please see the video in the link below on how to clean the inlet.

Customer Testimonials:

“Now this was a surprise! Very nice for the price. Worked well. Nice light. Didn’t expect the doll. Nice extra. Shipping box could have been better. Overall satisfied.”- Roxanna (WV)

” Wow . we’re speechless! It’s my birdthay today and to see our wedding day again has been an amazing gift!Thank you so much, you have made our precious memories last forever” – Angelica (NY)

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