Tablecloths Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Tablecloths?

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Tablecloths just cover your table right? How much more complicated can they get? It’s not rocket science, but tablecloths have a rich history which has evolved and grown into a full variety of tablecloths with different uses. Try our two question true or false quiz to see how well you know tablecloths!

  • Q1: Victorian wedding hope chests were filled tablecloths, doilies, towels, and blankets that were all handmade.
  • Q2: The finest type of tablecloths, made of polyester, are the most sought after because they’re so easy to clean.

Do you have your answers? Simple right? Let’s see how you fared.

  • Q1: True! Both the daughter and her mother would work for months upon months to make the tablecloths and other linens needed for the wedding. Thank goodness you can purchase all your wedding linens affordably these days.
  • Q2: Cotton is the most sought after table linen because of its quality and reusability for numerous events. Just remember to hand wash your cotton linens to preserve the quality and longevity.

Make sure you know your tablecloths before shopping the selection at If you need help you can always reach one of our representatives on our live chat to help you make the best decision for your event!

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