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Refined Decorating Ideas in Glittering Gold and Black

backdrop wedding

Don’t you think that autumn is the best time to bring out the shiny and fancy decorations? If yes, then you’ll also agree that a gold and black color combination is perhaps one of the most glittery and elegant ones. Not only does it look sophisticated and stylish, but it is also a refreshing change from what we generally see around this time of the year. And neither will it go out of vogue, at least not anytime soon. So it’s a fabulous idea to use this gorgeous color scheme at your wedding, bridal shower, or birthday décor with an immense range of stylish and trendy accessories to choose from our online store. From creating a fabulous backdrop with black and gold accessories to setting up a mesmerizing tablescape with gold tableware and exquisite centerpieces, this guide will ensure that there’s no stone left unturned to create that perfectly glamorous gold and black décor!

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Flower Backdrops for Your Kardashian Style Wedding

artificial flowers backdrop party wedding

After Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot in front of a grandiose 20ft flower wall  (which costed $136,000 according to Daily Mail), floral backdrops have suddenly soared in popularity. Since the average wedding budget in the USA is $ 33,394, cheaper alternatives, such as mini flower walls, minimalist style versions, or seasonal flower options, began to pop up. However, if that lush 20ft wall is exactly what you want to see in your wedding, look no further than our adorable artificial flower backdrops! After Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot in front of a grandiose 20ft...

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