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What size tent do I need for 100 guests?

backyard tent wedding

The prevailing situation of uncertainty and virus crises has given a new boost to tent backyard weddings. Moreover, many people prefer to have weddings in the cosy atmosphere of their homes instead of arranging them in expensive banquet halls. In contrast to a banquet hall wedding where everything is arranged by the venue owner, a backyard tent wedding requires extensive planning on your part. One of the most significant aspects when preparing an outdoor wedding is the tent. If you are planning a wedding with 100 guests and are wondering, "What size tent do I need for 100 guests?" we are here to assist you. We have listed all the things you need to know about finding the ideal tent to comfortably host hundred guests, including kinds, sizing calculations, and accessories.

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Should I Do A Backyard Wedding?

Backyard backyard tent wedding Backyard Wedding Decorations wedding

Recently, small scale weddings have gained a lot of popularity among couples who want to imbue an intimate feel into their wedding affair. And it doesn’t get any more personal than having a wedding in the backyard of the house you grew up in. So, if a wedding is on the cards and you’re wondering should I do a backyard wedding with simple backyard wedding decorations, the answer is yes! Since there is no place like home, having a backyard wedding is the epitome of convenience not to mention effortlessly romantic. If that’s not enough reason to convince you to tie the knot in your backyard, here are some more benefits of having a wedding in your backyard along with lovely backyard wedding decoration ideas and tips to help you visualize your event and make a prompt decision!

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Do I Need A Tent For An Outdoor Wedding?

Backyard backyard tent wedding

Outdoor weddings are generally preferred for their landscapes and functionality and wedding tents are one of the most appealing part of any outdoor wedding. The airy white fabric, sparkling lantern chandeliers, flower garland and of course a beautiful long table flaunting amazing candelabras and lovely linens, a tent wedding in backyard is not less than a dream wedding destination. A backyard wedding reception with tent is getting more and more popular among those who want an intimate and economical wedding. For those who are planning for an outdoor wedding and are thinking that ‘’Do I need a tent for an outdoor wedding’’, or can I make the arrangement of a backyard wedding without tent? Fret not! We have come up with great pointers that will help you learn, how to have a backyard wedding with tent. Keep reading and impress your guests with your arrangements for a tent wedding in backyard.

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What is needed for a backyard wedding?

backyard tent wedding

As we all have entered into the era of the ‘micro wedding’ where there are tiny celebrations with a big impact. Micro weddings were in fashion pre-pandemic; but now they are the only option, so get yourself ready to create an amazing setup in the outdoors and make promises of a lifetime. Let the nature be your host and plan an amazing backyard tent wedding where there is lush foliage, colorful blooms and twinkling lights to give you and your guests an experience of a magical fairyland. If you are yet to finalize on what is needed for a backyard tent wedding? Read on and explore our backyard wedding tent ideas that will let your dream wedding come true without breaking the banks!

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