Entertaining Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas During Lockdown!

birthday decoration birthday during covid birthday party party in lockdown

Who doesn’t love birthdays? In fact birthdays are the most awaited celebrations and events every one look forward to celebrate or participate, especially children. Whether it’s our own birthday, or birthday of a friends and a family member, the very idea of a fun and festive celebration fills our hearts with extreme excitement. However, as we are struggling to adapt to the new norm of safety and social distancing, big birthday bashes and grand celebrations are out of question. But it doesn’t mean that these blessed days that mark the arrival of your loved ones can’t be cherished and celebrated.

Don’t let this pandemic lower your celebratory spirits and festive feel. Plan a safe yet exciting birthday party for your child and give them the most lovable feeling ever. Creatively celebrate your kids birthday party during quarantine in the most fun-filled way and create memories that they will cherish for the rest of their life. If you are looking for some fun and safe ways to host your kid’s birthday party at home, you have just hit the right spot. Our exciting collection of birthday party supplies will surely add that perky flair into your birthday party decorations. Read on as we have put together some interesting outdoor birthday party ideas that will help you plan the most rocking yet secure birthday party for your kid even in these difficult times.

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Imperial Dessert Station for a Sweet 16 Princess Party

birthday decoration birthday party princess theme party

Sweet 16 is no doubt a pretty special birthday for every girl, after all, it’s a major milestone. Turning 16 surely comes with some sweet perks and there is no going around the fact that it needs to be celebrated with all the glitz and glam to truly make it a memorable one. If you’ve been searching for a fancy theme to turn your sweet 16 soiree into an extravagant affair, a princess party theme is exactly what you need to imbue grandeur and elegance into your grand celebration. Whether you are thinking of throwing a lavish indoor party or you are leaning towards an outdoor setup in your backyard, or any other venue to treat the birthday girl like the princess she is, chances are that your princess party set up won’t be complete without a stunning dessert station. To gracefully accentuate your princess party decorations to a whole new level that is fit for royalty, we have put together a fairytale themed dessert table featuring all the hallmarks of a true girly princess party which oozes imperial whimsical charm all around. In this blog, you’ll find all the tips and tricks to effortlessly set up a magnificent buffet table to elevate your theme party decor up by several notches!

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A Simple Décor Guide to Host a Pink and Gold Princess Birthday Party

birthday decoration birthday party pink and gold decor princess theme party

Pink is the universal color that symbolizes feminism and is adored by girls of all ages alike for a blush-toned décor or simply for princess-themed attire. Has your little girl always wished for an enchanted princess party for her birthday? If you’re not sure where to start from, don’t fret as we have cherry-picked some gorgeous and simple ideas to help you create a fabulous pink and gold princess themed décor without being too heavy on your pocket!

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Gather Inspiration to Throw a Fabulous Ice Cream and Sprinkles Themed Party

birthday decoration birthday party icecream party party decoration

Looking for a fun-filled theme to celebrate your next summer bash? With summers in full swing, cool off in style by hosting a revitalizing ice cream and sprinkles themed party. There are endless ways to incorporate an ice cream and sprinkles themed décor into your party. From the decorations to the actual food, ice cream can be a versatile theme for your child’s birthday or any other celebration with sprinkles serving as a cherry on the top! To save you from the hassle of searching the internet for ideas, we have rounded up some unique ideas that will help you throw the best party with an ‘icy cool’ décor.

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