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Bring An Air Of Festive Elegance With Our Centerpiece Ideas!


Centerpieces are those magical accents that bring life to any lackluster table and highlight the aesthetics of your tablescapes. Being an eye-catching decorative piece that goes in the center, Centerpiece not only adds creativeness, art and fun to any boring table decoration but also serves as a focal point for your celebrations. Turn the tablescapes of your wedding dinner, anniversary, birthdays, parties, holiday events, or even commercial events into exotic display of class and elegance by placing these beautiful centerpieces that complement well with your event’s theme. Indulge in the most swoon-worthy decor by adding these tokens of festivity and live with jubilancy and gratification. These elegant centerpieces provide a perfect opportunity to boost the impact of your overall decor while synchronizing with your theme and style in the most charming way. So, spruce things up a bit and add gorgeous refined touch to your home or party decor by picking up some of our centerpieces that will surly exhibit your style and personality in the most sophisticated manner. Read on as we have mustered up some simple yet stylish centerpiece ideas that will bring whimsy and charm into your overall decor.

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Riveting Acrylic Box Décor Ideas for a Chic Modern Twist

centerpiece decoration

Are you in search of something classy to highlight your decorations? Whether you want to boost up the extravagance or you want to add dimension to your decorative accents to make them more prominent, our acrylic box is just what you need to impart a super-modern and chic vibe to your event. These shiny, light-reflecting and multi-purpose transparent acrylic display boxes are versatile that work well with a variety of themes and styles. The crystal clear pillars and see-through appeal visually enlarge your space and put the focus on whatever they are holding augmenting the charm of your décor.

Arrange an enticing flower bouquet inside these clear display boxes or stylishly exhibit a stunning centerpiece on top, there are various ways you can use them to modishly enrich your event design. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much difference it can make by simply displaying your decorations in a mere acrylic box. If you are still skeptical about using these exceptional plastic boxes with lids, read on and you’ll find tons of epic and inspirational ideas to impart a charming and fascinating flair with a touch of elegance and panache.

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Bulk Artificial Flowers

artificial flowers centerpiece faux flower flower decoration

It’s an indisputable fact that flowers are the most beautiful creation of Mother Nature. It is considered that blossoms can boost mental energy through their impeccable beauty. To this end, it isn’t surprising that these charming pieces of natural sophistication have become an integral element of classic event décor. Furthermore, available in a vast range of varieties, flowers can easily spruce up any theme and color palette. However, there is one thing that all flowers have in common – whether you go for classic roses or exotic Easter lilies, they will wither away sooner or later. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with an ideal alternative – bulk artificial flowers from tableclothsfactory.com. Why are they worth your attention? In this blog, you can find everything you need to know about faux botanicals from our online store.
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Meet Our Recently Launched Ombre Line

centerpiece Ombre Collection

While everybody is totally obsessed with metallic ombre chandeliers, balloons, and nail designs, we are not going to fall behind the trends. Of course, you can always achieve that ombre effect on your own, but you’ll considerably save your time with our recently launched Ombre Line of stylish candle holders, vases, and apothecary jars. Handblown from heavy-duty glass, all of them are accented with glimmering metallic tint, meaning that they are somewhere between the two realms – that of metals and of glass. If you still haven’t checked out these pieces of sophistication, rejoice – there are lots of thrilling discoveries in store for you!
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Multi-Use Centerpieces: Save Cash in a Creative Way


Needless to say, assembling a centerpiece is not as easy as it seems. In addition, wedding centerpieces may cost a fortune. Whether you are an established event planner or an avid party-maker who doesn’t want to fork out on a new statement detail for every single event, no worries – we’ve got you covered with a shortlist of our multi-purpose accessories, which can take your tablescape from drab to fab in many different ways!
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From TableclothsFactory with Love: 5 Accessories to Build a Unique Centerpiece


You may forego linens or floral arrangements, but you can never skip the centerpiece. Though commonly disregarded, the centerpiece plays a crucial role in a celebratory table décor – while tying everything together, it also serves as an ice breaker for guests who were assigned to sit together. In case you still haven’t decided on how to give your table a complete look, don’t worry – these 5 TableclothsFactory products will make your setup sing your own song.
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Tropical Luau Mirror Centerpiece

centerpiece decoration luau mirror tropical

  Ready for a taste of the tropics? The best thing about having an event in the summer is the access to warm beaches and the cool ocean breeze. We created this sophisticated yet daring centerpiece with the island tropics and a luau in mind. We began this design with an eclipse mirror base.  A miniature candle bowl is placed on one side of the mirror and filled with clear acrylic ice, a remote controlled led light, and hydrangeas in burgundy and ivory, topped with a single large Pothos leaf. Two small bottle favors are placed on the other side...

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Cute Color Combos from Table Runners to Table Centerpieces

centerpiece Table Runners

Matching and making the right choices for your tables, from the centerpiece to the table runners can be difficult. While you can easily choose the standard of matching patterns, a fresh color combination with complimentary shades is always more fun. With some great choices like the flocking taffeta table runners, you really want to make the table work as a whole. For this week’s color combination, we’re starting with a royal blue flocking taffeta table runner base and working our way through some complimentary color choices for the rest of your table decorations. Chair colors: The royal blue chairs are...

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