Tablecloth Washing and Care

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Caring for Cotton Tablecloths: Cotton is a material that few of our premium tablecloths are made of. Like our polyester tablecloths, they are made to be heavy duty, and can take a lot of wear and tear. Cotton can also take heat better than all our other materials, but it is also more absorbent and stains easier as well. Because of this, extra precaution should be taken with spot stains before laundering. Here are some tips to remove some common stains. Red Wine Stains: The dreaded red wine stain is every party host’s worst nightmare. It’s bright, obvious, and extremely...

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Table-Typer: Which Type of Tablecloths User are You? Part 2

Cotton Tablecloths Tablecloth Types

Here at we meet a variety of people who order tablecloth, from the first time visitor ordering tablecloths for her wedding, to the event planner who knows exactly what she wants. Last week we hit some of the different ways a tablecloth decorator could be classified. Do you think you fall in line with our next two tablecloth types? Money isn’t a question, it’s all about the day and the people, so only the best will do. Whether this is a once in a lifetime event, your daughter’s wedding, 50th birthday, or a 100th birthday you’re going to make...

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