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How to Set a Formal Place Setting for More Casual Events

cutlery dinnerware table decoration

Are you paying attention to your knife edge? Not the sharpness of it – but in relationship from the plate silly! Whether surrounding a rustic centerpiece of red and orange leaves or an ornate Cinderella carriage, the formal place setting is an essential skill that instantly gives any table a level of refinement. Reactions range from the impressive nature – hey this person can set a table – to the acknowledgement from Grandma – they’ve done right and proper. So how do you make your table setting perfect? Teaching Good Things has more than a few tips, as well as...

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Tablecloths to Silverware, How to Set the Perfect Table

cutlery table decoration tablecloths wedding

In today’s busy world, we barely have the time to sit down and eat, let alone set a formal dining table. It may not be needed as everyday knowledge, but whether you are setting your own table or attending a formal event, it will be important to know how to set the perfect table. As for a formal event, the setting and décor will be much different than a more casual lunch or breakfast, so keep that in mind. As for a formal event the table setting will follow the following order from left to right. Beginning on your left...

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