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Our Freshly Arrived Curtain Rods: Install with Ease!

Designer Curtain Rods

Like no interior goes without a stylish window treatment, which ties the entire décor together, no curtain is complete without a fascinating rod. Despite being often underestimated, a curtain rod is more than a mere “holder” for your drapery. Available in an extensive variety of colors and designs, it can also double as a decorative accessory, which can take any window treatment from drab to fab – and our wide range of freshly arrived curtain rods is no exception! From our metal adjustable curtain rod set with round finials and bronze marble finials to bronze pumpkin finials, bronze swirl finials, and black lantern finials, our curtain rods are extremely easy to install – just familiarize yourself with this guide to dispel all the doubts!

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