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Burlap 101

DIY Tips New Item Showcase

The buzzword that has been trending for the last few years around the wedding and event scene is “Rustic”. If you’re an event planner, researching for wedding or party themes, chances are you have run into this style of decorating. A staple for this look is utilizing Burlap, a rough and grungy material that is perfect complement to any rustic themed event. But what is Burlap? Burlap is fabric, generally made with the fiber of the jute plant. The fiber of the jute is generally very coarse and uneven, however is very strong and 100% natural. This also makes it...

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All about Pomander Balls!

DIY Tips Event Inspirations New Item Showcase

      Wrapped Boxwood Kissing Ball Items Used: Boxwood Kissing Ball Hybrid Craft Lilies 1 1/2 Satin Ribbon Faux Pearl Flowers This customized Kissing Ball is Christmas inspired, but can be used in all occasions and to match your theme with different ribbon or flowers. The first step is to tie a ribbon around the kissing ball like you would do to a gift, and finish it off with a bow on top. (Making sure that the ribbon used to hang the kissing ball is on top). After it is tied, glue the flowers on the knot of the...

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3 Easy Ways to Customize Paper Lanterns for your Events!

DIY Tips

Fabric Pattern Lanterns Source: greenweddingshoes.com This easy tutorial from greenweddingshoes.com features an easy way to add beautiful designs onto your paper lanterns without the work of having to paint it yourself. They are ingenious with their use of printed cotton fabric to embellish the lanterns. Check out their tutorial here on their site ————————— Glitter Disco Ball Lantern                       Source: ohhappyday.com If you’re looking for some bling for your event, this glitter lantern is the way to go! Depending on what kind of glitter you use, it can be a...

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Create your Own No-Sew Tulle Table Skirt!

DIY Tips Event Inspirations Planning and Parties

  It’s time to think out of the box, and create something new on our DIY Corner; a brand new feature on our blog for you, where we will share tips, tricks, and interesting new ways to use our products. As a reprise of our popular Tutu Tutorial Video we did last year, This week’s feature is a DIY Tulle Table Skirt that requires absolutely no sewing and minimal materials. Does it sound almost too good to be true? Although it does take a bit of work it, the outcome is so amazing that it will leave your guests believing...

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