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How to Host the Ultimate Friendsgiving this Year


If you were planning to spend Thanksgiving with your family but your work schedule isn't allowing the trip home, you can throw an equally thankful bash for your second family – your friends. Friendsgiving is something you and your friends will look forward to all year. Not only do you get to spend time with your friends, but you also get to enjoy really good food. Let’s be real though, hosting Friendsgiving can be expensive! To save you from spending a fortune, we have gathered some amazing ideas for your Friendsgiving décor that’ll be just as memorable as the good food that you will be eating.

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Three Ideas for a Laid-Back Friendsgiving Party

Friendsgiving thanksgiving

Whether you can’t be with your family at Thanksgiving, have too much festive spirit for one holiday, or simply want to celebrate with your “chosen family”, friends, why not kick off this year’s holiday season with a Friendsgiving party? With so many Friendsgiving ideas out there, hosting a potluck, wine tasting dinner, and tea party are the most stress-free ways to celebrate it with friends.
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Best Ideas to Celebrate Best Friends Day

Friendsgiving party

Whether you have a BFF who’s been your sidekick since the dawn of time, a bunch of college roommates, or a “coffee-mate” from your office, you’re in luck. No matter how many best friends you have, National Best Friends Day is a good reason to show them some appreciation. These wonderful ideas will wake up your inspiration (if it’s sleeping). If you have one best friend… Shared memories are definitely something that best friends value most. Chances are you can’t remember all those wild nights, sneaking onto roofs, and s’mores without a smile. Neither can your bestie. To this end,...

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