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Best Ideas to Celebrate Best Friends Day

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Whether you have a BFF who’s been your sidekick since the dawn of time, a bunch of college roommates, or a “coffee-mate” from your office, you’re in luck. No matter how many best friends you have, National Best Friends Day is a good reason to show them some appreciation. These wonderful ideas will wake up your inspiration (if it’s sleeping). If you have one best friend… Shared memories are definitely something that best friends value most. Chances are you can’t remember all those wild nights, sneaking onto roofs, and s’mores without a smile. Neither can your bestie. To this end,...

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How to Celebrate National Pizza Party Day Without Ordering a Pizza

Backyard Holiday Pizza

If you haven’t heard - this year, National Pizza Day falls on May 18th. Of course, the best way to observe this holiday is to host a party themed around pizza. However, if you believe that ordering a stack of pizzas is too trivial while slaving over a hot stove sounds a bit intimidating to you, tuck all your worries away and throw a grandeur build-your-own-pizza bash. Photo by Suzy S. To get into the “pizza” vibe, you can transform your party space into a makeshift pizzeria. All you need to do is to cover your tables with checkered linens...

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