A Simple Summer Table Setup in Scandinavian Style

Nordic decoration Scandinavian décor Summer

Planning a brunch or dinner party this summer and looking for a modern table setting? From minimal décor to a soothing and ultra-bright tablescape, there’s an inspiration to be found in Scandinavian design that you should give a try to. Belonging to the school of modernism, Scandinavian décor is a design characterized by a focus on functionality and simplicity. If you want to create a Nordic table setup for your next summer bash and are unsure how to get started, tuck all your worries away and follow our example to recreate your own simple yet unique Scandinavian tablescape.

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5 Essentials of Nordic Design

Nordic decoration Scandinavian Style

If you are tired of wintry table setups with lots of sparkles, and looking to begin the spring season with something less overwhelming to the eyes, you can never go wrong with Nordic style presentations. Besides, with so many Scandinavia-inspired products in our online store, assembling such a setup is a no-brainer. To prove this point and help you deck out a tablescape which will make a splash at your next event, we’ve got you covered with these five essentials of Scandinavian design.

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