Brace Yourself For Our Amazing Prime Time Sale!

Prime Day sale Savings

Prime Day is one of the greatest sale events of the year that lasts for 48 hours and is usually held in mid-July. But this year the dates have been shifted up in June to boost spending in what is normally a slower period for retail sales. Although amazon introduced this new shopping holiday only for its prime members, competitors and other retailers were quick to adopt it to increase their sales and pass on the savings to their customers. During Prime Day sales, shoppers can get a wide variety of items, from the latest tech & devices and electronics to fashion & beauty, homeware, and more at rock-bottom prices. However, when it comes to dropping prices on partyware and event supplies on Prime Day, no one does it better than tableclothsfactory! To keep up with the massive savings event, we are offering some amazing deals and discounts for all our customers this year too with our Prime Time sale! But what’s truly great about it is that it’s going to be bigger and better! How so, you ask? Just keep on reading and find out what to expect from our Prime Time sale event!

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