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Easy Recipes to Impress at an Intimate Gathering

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Black and white dress code? Easy enough to dig out of the closet. But a fashionable desert you can easily craft on top of everything else on your plate? Your menu should be as simple as setting the table and arranging the tablecloth. From salad to desert, we’ve got a complete menu ready to impress any guests, be it your new in-laws, prospective clients or favorite gal pals. Salad:  The colors and different ingredients really sell this simple salad. With technically only four steps and 22 minutes to completion you can spend time on what really matters. Get this Asparagus...

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Four Appetizers to Try At your Next Reception


Tired of the typical finger foods? Whether you’re a tired reception hall coordinator or event planner working on her ‘ninth event and tired of shrimp cocktails, popcorn chicken, meatballs and chips n’ dip a fresh recipe is more than a delight – it’s delicious! Here are four new ideas to try out! Dumplings n’ Pot Stickers We may be a tad excited about this seeminly typical choice. There’s so many ways to pull them off, healthy or traditional, vegetarian or spicy, which means you can meet the needs of all of your guests. For a traditional recipe try Delish or...

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