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  • A Simple Summer Table Setup in Scandinavian Style

    A Simple Summer Table Setup in Scandinavian Style

    summer decor table decoration

    Planning a brunch or dinner party this summer and looking for a modern table setting? From minimal décor to a soothing and ultra-bright tablescape, there’s an inspiration to be found in Scandinavian design that you should give a try to. Belonging to the school of modernism, Scandinavian décor is a design characterized by a focus on functionality and simplicity. If you want to create a Nordic table setup for your next summer bash and are unsure how to get started, tuck all your worries away and follow our example to recreate your own simple yet unique Scandinavian tablescape.

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  • Weave the Bohemian Chic into Your Easter Tablescape

    Weave the Bohemian Chic into Your Easter Tables...

    Easter decor table decoration

    Are you planning to host an Easter party this year? Well, those who always celebrate Easter might find themselves to be sick and tired of those bunnies and plastic grass, like we are. Whether you are nodding “yes” or just looking to make your Easter table outshine all the rest, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve assembled a tantalizing setup that will definitely fascinate you with its simplicity coupled with the Bohemian charm.

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  • Recommended by Tableclothsfactory: Weaving Spring into Your Table Setting

    Recommended by Tableclothsfactory: Weaving Spri...

    Spring decor table decoration

    There are only few days left before Winter lets Spring have the credit. But what about you? Have you already switched to the new season’s mode? To make things easier, we’ve got you covered with a couple of essentials that will work that spring spirit into any tablescape!

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  • A Couple of Ideas to Distill the Wintry Charm into a Table Setting

    A Couple of Ideas to Distill the Wintry Charm i...

    table decoration Winter Decor

    Spring is just a couple of weeks away from us, and it’s time to pay tribute to the winter season. Yes, you may be sick and tired of the bone-chilling cold that seems to have been there forever! – but let’s face it: winter offers lots of things to be happy about! To make these two weeks easier on you, we’ve assembled two tablescapes that are a distillation of the unsurpassed charm of the winter season.

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  • Stay on Trend with TableclothsFactory: Three Jewel-Toned Tablescapes to Trigger Your Creativity

    Stay on Trend with TableclothsFactory: Three Je...

    table decoration

    Like Living Coral, jewel tones are off the charts this year. Their vivid appeal can make any heart skip a beat! If you are already in love with these vibrant hues, and all you want is to incorporate them into your décor as soon as possible, lucky you are – winter is a perfect time to embrace this trend! However, as it often happens with bold colors, you may have a hard time trying to achieve a balanced look. To help you out, we’ve cherry-picked a few jewel-toned tablescapes to show you the basic principles and trigger your creativity.

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  • How to Put Together a Hot Chocolate Bar for the Winter Holidays

    How to Put Together a Hot Chocolate Bar for the...

    Holiday Decor table decoration Winter Decor

    Though the holiday season is on full blast, it is sometimes not easy to keep the fall/winter blues at bay. Since nothing can warm people up on a cold day better than a mug of hot chocolate, why not weave it into your upcoming winter celebrations? Whether you are planning to invite 6 or 25 people, putting together a hot chocolate bar is easy and fun! Non-believer? Read on and see for yourself!

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  • Make Event Cleanup Easy with Our Newest Disposable Dinnerware

    Make Event Cleanup Easy with Our Newest Disposa...

    event decor table decoration

    Now that it’s November, we’re entering a time where celebrations are happening one after another. On top of end of the year weddings, we have Thanksgiving, holiday parties, and New Year Celebrations to plan for. With all these events going on, you may find yourself busier than usual. One of the ways that you can save time is by investing in disposable dinnerware for your next event! TableclothsFactory has brought in some new products that will serve your dinnerware needs, all while making cleanup easy! Check out some of our newest items below! 12 Pack 9" Disposable Gold Dust Round Dinner Plates Not only are these plates pretty to look at, but they’re also durable! Made from hard plastic, these plates are sure to last the entire night. You don’t need to settle for paper plates when you have these beauties! Source image 12 Pack Clear with Gold Rim Plastic Disposable Glass At first glance it’s hard to tell that these cups are plastic and not glass. Adorned with a gold rim, this glass will create a classy experience for your guests. No worries about broken glass here! Source image 30 Pcs Rose Gold Metallic Disposable Plastic Cutlery Set Rose gold is one of those hot colors right now. So, why not have rose gold cutlery? Depending on your number of guests, you may have to double-up on this set. At $3.99 per set, you won’t have to fear breaking the bank! Source image 10 Pack White with Gold Stamped Rim Disposable Bowl Think you’ll be serving soup or salad during your event? Then you’ll need bowls! Why not choose these bowls with a gold stamped rim? They’ll look pretty and will clean up with no issues. Source image 20 Pack 13" Stripe Paper Beverage Napkins Have a little fun with these black and white striped napkins! They’ll look good on your table and won’t require washing afterwards. Source image   There’s no reason to stress yourself out over event cleanup. Check out all our disposable dinnerware and let us know your favorites!

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  • How to Turn Your Tablescape Into the Alice-in-Wonderland Scene

    How to Turn Your Tablescape Into the Alice-in-W...

    party decoration table decoration

    When it comes to sit-down events, the table is always a focal point – no matter whether it is a wedding or a Sunday brunch. But how to make a tablescape go perfectly well with the party theme? For those at a loss, we’ve come up with a simple yet elegant spring-inspired table setup. Pastels & a pinch of silver Since pastels and spring are an unbeatable combo, our color scheme is a mixture of whites, pinks, blues, greens, and a bit of reds with corals to boot. However, to pull everything together, we made blue the “first feedle” of our color scheme. Thus, our rosette tablecloth, curtains, some centerpiece elements, and a couple wall accents are blue. In addition, to harmonize the pastels, we opted for the silver beechwood chairs. Textures, textures! Rich textures are extremely popular this year. Our collection of lovely rosette tablecloths is a perfect way to jump on this trend without being tacky. As blue is our “core” hue, we picked a blue tablecloth, turning the whole arrangement into a flowerbed full of whimsical blue roses. Dinnerware To balance rich texture of the tablecloth and to harmonize the bold hues with some neutral tones, add white disposable dinnerware and plastic utensils with the fine silver finish. Regarding the forms, go for classic round plates – a great addition to the spring theme. On top of that, simple paper napkins will add a final touch to this mini-composition. Centerpiece Racking brains over a table focal point can be challenging. Luckily, spring is all about simplicity, so why not bail on any centerpiece like we did? For example, giant paper peonies and carnations of different colors will liven up the entire scene. The varying heights (make sure your guests will not sit up in order to see each other) will add some dimension and depth to your tablescape. To bring some airy feel and to accentuate the pastels, combine these glass pillars with wine glasses and champagne flutes. Accentuate walls Bare walls sometimes remind about a hospital, right? If you adorn them with giant paper flowers, you’ll kill two (or so) birds with one stone – you’ll add a final touch to the floral theme and create an elegant backdrop. Pair carnations with peonies, mix sizes, experiment with colors – and your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off the walls (think how to distract them away). “Favor” up If you need to add some colors and fill “gaps” in your setup, don’t go big. Incorporate party favors into the composition. Put them into our pastel satin bags and tiny boxes and they will play along this gorgeous floral orchestra (read: they will distract your guests from the wall accents). Love the setup? Use these links to do the same one or whatever you want.  

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