Tablecloth Washing and Care

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Caring for Cotton Tablecloths: Cotton is a material that few of our premium tablecloths are made of. Like our polyester tablecloths, they are made to be heavy duty, and can take a lot of wear and tear. Cotton can also take heat better than all our other materials, but it is also more absorbent and stains easier as well. Because of this, extra precaution should be taken with spot stains before laundering. Here are some tips to remove some common stains. Red Wine Stains: The dreaded red wine stain is every party host’s worst nightmare. It’s bright, obvious, and extremely...

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The 5 Virtues of Tablecloths

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Tablecloths are decorative accessories that have the amazing ability to unify the components of your table setting. With such a large variety of tablecloths out there it’s often hard to choose the best one, and some simply just don’t know how to correctly choose an appropriate table linen. There are five major components to take into consideration when choosing tablecloths for your table setting: Dominance: This refers to the design element. The perfect tablecloth will accent the dominant color, pattern, and texture of the dinnerware and even the room. Pattern: Tablecloths come in a plethora of patterns that range from...

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Decorating Techniques for Round Banquet Tables

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Preparing for an occasion that will include the use of round tables can be challenging, but a little bit of mental math will help your in figuring out exactly what sizes of round tablecloths and skirts are needed in creating the right look. Round tablecloths are easy to track down based on the diameters of the tables to be used. Measure through the middle of the table from one end to the other to find the diameter, selecting tablecloths compatible with that measure. After determining the sizes of the tablecloths needed, you’ll also want to find table skirts in the...

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The Pattern for Fall Weddings

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Do you have the pattern for a beautiful fall wedding?  We do here at Table Cloths Factory. What’s in for fall weddings in 2012 is patterned fabric – damask, animal prints and more! Make a bold statement with damasks in candy hues like eggplant, chocolate and fuchsia – or better yet, pair a sweetly colored flocked damask with a black or chocolate table runner and napkins to create a decadent mood at your tables. There’s also no way to go wrong with a basic black and white damask that puts the pattern at center stage during your event!  Pair it...

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How to Determine the Right Size Tablecloth for Your Table

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When you’re having an event, whether it’s a big formal wedding, or just a small family gathering, to everything in between, you need the right size tablecloths for your tables. The worst feeling is putting the tablecloths on the day of the event to find that they barely fit the table, or hang over way too far. Don’t add any unnecessary stress to the event with a mishap like that! Follow our simple guidelines to how to pick the perfect size tablecloth for your table, whether round or rectangular. How to Determine the Right Size Tablecloth: 1. Measure your table...

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Table-Typer: Which Type of Tablecloths User are You? Part 2

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Here at we meet a variety of people who order tablecloth, from the first time visitor ordering tablecloths for her wedding, to the event planner who knows exactly what she wants. Last week we hit some of the different ways a tablecloth decorator could be classified. Do you think you fall in line with our next two tablecloth types? Money isn’t a question, it’s all about the day and the people, so only the best will do. Whether this is a once in a lifetime event, your daughter’s wedding, 50th birthday, or a 100th birthday you’re going to make...

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Table-Typer: Which Type of Tablecloths User are You?

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Sleek, shiny, crinkled or embroidered there are loads of tablecloths and table runners styles to choose from. When you are keeping an eye on the best trends for not just weddings, but anniversaries, birthdays, and events you start to see that it’s clear that some of our tablecloths buyers fall into clear categories. Answer these simple questions to see where you fall on our tablecloths category list. Are you a reuser, rewasher, a hand-me downer? You’re always looking to save a penny, whether it’s by filling your own favor boxes, catering parts of the wedding yourself, or just making sure that...

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