Simple Pine Cone Decorating Ideas- Stylish Decoration on a Budget

DIY decoration fall decor pine cone decoration vase filler

As the season changes to fall, displays of pumpkins, gourds and dry grasses start popping up on porch steps, mantles, and dining room tables. While these autumn decorating favorites offer a classic look, why not change up the décor this year? Use pinecones instead as they are one of nature’s most elegant motifs.

 If you somehow forgot to save some pinecones from the previous season, tuck all your worries away as we have got you covered with our natural pine cones and barks vase fillers available at affordable prices. So don’t limit your pinecone decorating to winter displays. These easy-to-find beauties can vamp up your home and event décor right now. Here’s a little inspiration for your pine cone decoration to adorn your rustic outdoor event or a cozy dinner at your home.

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