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7 Budget Wedding Trends 2018

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  Millennials tend to spend more on their weddings. At the same time, more folks are getting hitched later, which means that parents less often chip in. As a result, a lot of 2018’s to-be-spouses are breaking their heads over one and the same question – how to save without looking old-fashioned and compromising a wow-effect? Luckily, these 2018’s trends are all budget-friendly. Moving indoors 2018’s weddings are moving back indoors in a whimsical way (no carpeted ballrooms and classic hotels). Instead, couples are trying to take outdoor ambiance indoors, which’s translated into natural light, huge windows, clear-top tents, and...

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Show off your Tablecloths Style on Tumblr

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Brides to be, wedding planners, and avid grooms to be – you must be tired. Tired of reading, planning, making lists, crossing off to do’s, it’s too much. Wait – no. That’s not you. You’re ready for more. You want more inspiration. So are you tumbling? We’re getting into even more brilliant inspirations on Tumblr – a microblogging site where it’s like Pinterest, only even bigger pictures J How does a bride get started? First, make an account at Tumblr.com. It’s simple, and you can always change your name, later (like to your married name J) Start following other blogs...

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