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Whether you’re dreaming of unseen oceanic depths or just craving for something truly chilling on a hot summer day, the Underwater Beach theme for your upcoming event is a perfect idea. Read on and learn how to make an excellent sea-inspired setup without spending all your decoration budget on costly accessories.


Canvas Your Tablescape

When choosing the color scheme, look no further than turquoises (for sunny skies and blue oceans) and corals (for that reef like feel). For example, while this sequin runner mimics dazzling sea sparkles on a sunny day, our coral spandex chair cover will warm up that composition right up.

Add Key Accessories

For a more ocean-related style, we recommend you scatter our Caribbean Island Beach candles all over your adorable runner. To compliment these extravagant candles, use our seashells as napkin holders, add shell toothpicks, and don’t forget about our classy seashell plates. Top off your setting with DIY centerpieces made from our natural-colored decorative sand and succulents.

Whichever trinkets you use to accessorize your table setting, there’s no substitute for flowers. From our versatile online store, choose peach, pink, and coral blooms, which will resemble exotic underwater plants, corals, or even living creatures.


Involve Food

Let foods that are coral and turquoise work into your decor even at the dessert. Not only do these yummies gratify your aesthetic but your stomach as well. 


Getting married at the seaside? Note that the sea is an excellent canvas - just add a canopy with our light-as-a-feather coral organza curtain and embellish the combo with flowers and/or seashells. For a cozy vibe at night, complement your photo backdrop with our nautical string LEDs.  

Gifts from the Tropic

To end your party on an “ocean” note, wow your guests with sea-related favors. Fill our sheer organza favor bags with candy, seashells, or our captivating Caribbean Island Beach candles. Then beautify them with our endless pearl strings.

Planning something grandeur in winter? Not to panic, these ideas will work for you all year round. To discover how you can add more “oceanic” excitement to your celebration and how much it’ll cost you, please come to our online store!

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