What Are Summer Wedding Colors?

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If you are planning to tie the knot this summer and want to make your special day a one to remember, you need some really cool summer wedding colors to bring that instant wow-factor. Summer is an amazing time of the year for any kind of celebration and when it’s a wedding then the pleasure is immeasurable. Summer comes with some awesome summer wedding colors palette, both in soft and bold hues, from light and chirpy blues to bold shades of green and pink, the summer wedding colors schemes are just too good to be true. With so many colors options available, picking up the summer wedding colors palette that truly match your style is a tough call, so if you are a bit confused on, ‘what are summer wedding colors’ that can best fit your style? Keep reading as we are sharing some of our favorite summer wedding colors trending in 2021, that will help you pick your summer wedding colors for your summer nuptial.

summer wedding colors

Enigmatic Tones of Pink!

Summer weddings are always so colorful, as there so many amazing hues that can be opted to bring gorgeous textures and details into your wedding venue. Although there are plenty of soft and bright summer wedding colors that can be chosen but pink is one such color that is admired in any season. From blush, duty rose, fushia, to rose quartz, pink comes in beautiful tones and shades to give your summer wedding colors palette a truly magnificent allure. Being a versatile summer wedding color, the varied tones of pink create some mesmerizing color palettes, especially when layered with any nude shades. So, create magical backdrops, cheerful floral bouquets, sweetheart table, flower girl dresses, or let the grooms stun in a soft pink jacket, bow tie, and pocket square in this enigmatic summer wedding colors scheme and turn your summer wedding into an emblem of elite elegance.

Spectacular Tones of Green!

Swing into the sweet summertime splendor by picking the summer wedding colors that truly represents all what you love about the season. If you love nature and want your summer wedding colors to be close to nature, then green is just the perfect summer wedding colors palette for you. With so many galvanizing shades, green is one of those cool summer wedding colors that evokes the feeling of peace and tranquility into the entire ambiance. For instance, sage green & mint green are one of the trending summer wedding colors palettes which adds a dash of natural beauty into your summer garden or a beach themed wedding. Moreover, pairing this cool shade with blush, pink, or light blue will brighten up your summer celebration. Use these fresh summer wedding colors for your bridesmaids' gowns, table centerpieces, flower decorations and table linens or aisle decor and ooze oodles of elegance and panache.

Pick Distinctive Palettes!

Make your summer wedding decor stand out from the rest by picking up some interesting and unique summer wedding colors and instantly grab everyone’s attention. Showcase your bright and peppy nature and choose bright orange & yellow as your summer wedding colors and imbue refreshing vibes all around your space. Even fusing light blue with yellow will give you a fresh and vibrant summer wedding colors palette. Since summer wedding colors are mostly blended with the nude tones but creating a striking combination of sage, peach, & gold, will add a dash of excitement and uniqueness into your summer wedding. These exclusive summer wedding colors can be permeated within your wedding centerpieces, wedding favor boxes, ribbon details, flower arrangements, tealight and candlestick holders along with gold cutlery & charger plates to further heat up your glamorous summer wedding decor.


Summer is undoubtedly the king of seasons to get married, as there are myriads of beautiful summer wedding colors that can elevate your big day decor up a notch. With so many color options available, deciding on, ‘what are summer wedding colors?’ might become a difficult choice and for that in this blog post we have shortlisted some of the beautiful summer wedding colors that are trending in 2021 that you can pick. So, how do you like our shared summer wedding colors scheme? Do share with us in the comment section below!


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