What Is The Latest Colour For Wedding?

•  2021 Trendy Wedding Colors

When planning for a wedding, it is vital to consider every little aspect of the decor to enhance the ambiance as each element of a wedding decor contributes to making the entire theme come together. Choosing the wedding color schemes for your big day is that one important decision that needs to get finalized way before any other thing. Whether its about bride & groom’s dresses, wedding floral arrangements, aisle decor or tabletop display, your chosen wedding color works as the defining feature of your wedding as all the rest of the decorations depend on it. Figuring out, ‘What is the latest colour for wedding’, so that you can set your wedding color schemes? Read along as we have listed some of our favorite wedding color schemes that are trending in 2021 and turn your wedding into a one to remember.

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Wedding with Garden-Theme!

A wedding with a garden theme is simply magical and to sprinkle more magic choose pastel and monochromatic wedding color schemes to give your wedding venue a rose garden look. While picking up the pastel wedding color schemes, we suggest opting for soothing shades of pink, lavender, blue, yellow and sage green. Highlight your venue with twinkling lighting, tall centerpieces, greenery, garland, and focus less on the fabric as a garden theme is more about floral. Using the pastel wedding color schemes, create mesmerizing floral arrangements and beautify your venue with cheerful wisteria, rose bouquets, ranunculuspeonies & daisies, and dripping amaranthus. If you are opting for monochromatic theme, we recommend choosing fuchsia, yellow, teal, red, navy, or gold as your wedding color schemes, and use it all  over the decor, from flowers to the dresses and tabletop. Choose soft tones for summer and bold and bright for fall wedding, one color as standalone color or a combination, the choice is all yours, just make sure that your chosen wedding color schemes are eye-catching and unique.

Wedding with Bohemian Theme!

Boho chic weddings are always so amazing, the ethnic and vintage details give an eye-catching and inviting feeling to the whole wedding. Choose navy blue & burgundy, black & gold, sage green, as your wedding color schemes, while orange will be that ultimate beloved one, blend it with peach, natural or teal and add a fun and whimsical touch into your wedding. Go for light linens, earthy elements, mesmerizing flower centerpieces in bright red, yellow, sage green & blush with greenery installations to create an authentic boho chic ambiance. Choose gold, pink, and peach wedding color schemes for boho brides or orange, yellow, fuchsia, or floral print dresses for bridesmaids. Set a boho chic wedding tablescape with beautiful placemats, turquoise plates, gold table runner, black candles, flutes, floral centerpieces, glitzy napkins. Present a greenery accented wedding cake highlighting the wedding color schemes and spread a warm scintillating allure by hanging string lights all around the space.

Wedding with Fairytale Theme!

Magical decorations, extravagant themes, and imaginary designs, a fairytale themed wedding is nothing less than a fantasyland. The choice of wedding color schemes for a such a dreamy affair should be pastels, so start off by decorating your venue with luxurious draping, opt for our pink, blush, dusty blue, dusty rose, lavender, or ivory sheer organza curtain panels to adorn your walls. Infusing the pastel wedding color schemes, create mesmerizing flower arrangement with pink dahlia/lavender peony bouquets, peach, ivory & blush roses, and assemble them on the backdrop curtains, wedding arch, centerpieces, chairs, even your flower girl can get the royal treatment with a floral loaded carriage. Pick white or blush tablecloth for your head tables, cake tables & sweetheart tables and further elevate their visual appeal by arranging gold runner, gold glass chargers, gold cutlery and flutes. Turn your wedding venue like the one coming straight out of a fairytale and let your chosen wedding color schemes give a whimsical and fanciful themed detail to your special day.


Whether you have a themed wedding or a simple one, the wedding color schemes that you choose will set the tone of your special day. From pastels to bold and brighter ones, pick the wedding color schemes that fit your style and go along with the season too. So, what are you waiting for, start planning for your big day and don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comment section below!

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