Winter Wedding Colors for Your Big Day

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A few winter months are left before spring – which means plenty of time for winter wedding theme! When picking your colors for your bridesmaids, flowers, favors and tablecloths it is important to go with what you love but also what is in style for the current year and months. Also you may want to create a winter wonderland theme – imagine all white with just a pop of color.

One frosty idea would be to use white tablecloths throughout the reception, and dressing up the head table with blue tablecloths. Make sure all tables have a touch of blue though, in the centerpieces, table runners or chair sashes.

Some other great colors seen on the runways for 2013 winter weddings include:


  • Red Orange
  • Pine Green
  • Peacock Teal
  • Grape Purple
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Ice Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Olive Green
  • Deep Navy Blue

There are so many other color options to pick from. Make sure you pick which one best suits your personality and style. Something to keep in mind though are the colors that are hot for early 2013 weddings. Remember its okay to stay simple and neutral with a pop of your favorite color. At your black and white wedding include the accent color in your bridesmaid’s shoes and flowers. Then at the reception continue the accent color in the tablecloths and favors. To find your perfect color popping tablecloths check out!

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