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  • Review on our Party Fountain!

    Review on our Party Fountain!

    centerpiece Ideas Decoration supplies

    We’ve often received requests from customers about instructions on how to assemble the party fountain. Today, we are going to show you how to set up the fountain, and offer some customer testimonials. One of the most common issues that our customers mention is the water not being able to pump up the fountain. If this is your issue, please listen closely to hear if there is sound coming out of the motor after it is plugged in. If there is a sound coming out, then the fountain is working correctly. Turn the white circular part of the motor bowl and the water should have no problem pumping up after that. Please make sure that the water is filled enough for the fountain to be able to pump it. You can also view the video below on how to assemble the fountain: If this still does not work, try this second method: Begin by gently turning and twisting off the white round plastic water inlet control ring located at the motor bowl. Slowly and gently take out the black rotor stick located on the motor bowl under the inlet control ring. BE SURE to take out the black rotor stick straight up, and do not bend or tilt even slighty (there should also be a magnet portion located at the bottom tip of the rotor stick). Wash the black motor stick with water so any dirt and residue will come off. Let it dry in cool air in an open space overnight. DO NOT use a blowdryer or any other heat as the black rubber on the rotor stick may melt or misshapen. When all is dry, place parts back into their original place. The fountain should work then. Please see the video in the link below on how to clean the inlet. Customer Testimonials: “Now this was a surprise! Very nice for the price. Worked well. Nice light. Didn’t expect the doll. Nice extra. Shipping box could have been better. Overall satisfied.”- Roxanna (WV) ” Wow . we’re speechless! It’s my birdthay today and to see our wedding day again has been an amazing gift!Thank you so much, you have made our precious memories last forever” – Angelica (NY)

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  • Fabric Types and Comparisons

    Fabric Types and Comparisons

    Fabric Bolts & Bags

    Often our customers ask about our fabrics. What type of fabric is suitable for your use? How do fabrics differ from each other. It is true that depending on what you’re using the fabric for, different fabrics are appropriate for different projects. Today, we will go over some of the common properties and uses of our fabric bolts.   Textured Slub vs Polyester Fabric Bolt The Textured Slub is one of our newest items. It is similar to our polyester in many ways, such as the weight and the feel, however it’s weaved in a way where the yarns have a pulled and twisted effect, so there is a slight texture on the fabric; similar to what you see on silk shantung or dupioni. This twisting of the fabric is what is called slub. Our polyester is available in a plain weave with no texture, making it sturdy and easy to clean. These types of fabric are perfect for making clothing, drapes and decorations, as well as crafts, and the weight of the fabric makes it a perfect fabric for sewing. These fabrics are only available in solid colors as only. Zebra Stripes Fabric Bolt vs Leopard Spots fabric bolt vs Flocking Damask Fabric Bolt The materials for our Zebra, Leopard and Flocking Damask are practically identical. It begins with a taffeta base, and the patterns are created with velvet. The main difference for each of these different types of fabric is the pattern. These fabrics are perfect decorations and drapes. The soft and light feel of this fabric allows it to fall delicately and beautifully. Crinkle Taffeta Fabric Bolt vs Satin Fabric Both our Crinkle Taffeta and Satin are similar as in they both have a shiny finish and are of a medium weight, but the material itself is very different. The crinkle taffeta fabric bolt is made of our synthetic taffeta material, carefully pressed for a consistent “wrinkly” texture. Its shine is pretty subtle compared to the satin fabric. Our satin fabric is made with a synthetic material, where the yarns are weaved in a way where the fabric emits a nice smooth shine. Both fabrics are similar in weights and drape. If you want your evening to stand out, consider using it for an elegant table runner or sashes, or perhaps even a dress or shawl.   Tulle bolt vs Organza vs Embroider vs Chiffon Fabric Bolt The common trait of these types of fabrics is that they are all sheer, and is very light in weight. Our tulle and organza bolts are both made of a nylon material. Their properties and the way they fall are perfect for making veils and petticoats. Chiffon is very much like our tulle and organza, as they are made with a similar type of synthetic material, however, this material doesn’t hold its shape as well as the tulle and organza when bunched up. It drapes easily, and is perfect for skirts, dresses and curtain panels. Our embroidered line of fabrics is basically our organza, with some flair. Same properties and weight, with an additional leaf and swirl motifs satin embroidered onto it.

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  • 3 Reasons to Mismatch Your Wedding Decorations

    3 Reasons to Mismatch Your Wedding Decorations


    Throw caution to the wind. Let your creativity billow in the sails of style and sophistication. A simple color coordinated wedding is beautiful, timeless, and easily planned. But who cares for that when you can be different! There’s a right time and a wrong time to mismatch colors – and your wedding or birthday is definitely a good time to mix warm and cool shades of chair sashes and throw all caution to the wind. Mix- Match – White When in doubt – put your colors against white. A mix of cool purple, blue, and green shades with complimenting warm peaches and yellow all pop when placed against a white drapery, or chair covers, in this instance. Everyone is Happy It’s hard to make all your guests, both sides of the family, all generations and the bridal party  all happy. But letting people wear their favorite color?  It’s a decent start. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses and even bouquets are all the rage. It’s easy to see why! It’s not just a color wheel! Mix and match patterns? Oh yes please. A medely of antique china – all different patterns is perhaps the cutest table arrangement. Start searching yard sales now! This idea of grouping different patterns is a great way to get a romantic effortlessly, sophisticated look. Images: TableclothsFactory,,

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  • 5 Ways to Go Green with TableclothsFactory this Spring!

    5 Ways to Go Green with TableclothsFactory this...

    Spring decor

    Spring is green! We’re ready for spring weddings, flowers, pink tablecloths, pastel tulle, and beautiful spring trends. It’s simple to join us in our pre-spring celebration with these little tips. 1. Just Ask: Not sure if a vendor will use reusable silverware, or if the banquet hall has energy saving lightbulbs? Rather than let the worries grow – just ask – maybe you’ll change the way they do things! 2. Keep it Local – With the ceremony, reception, and hotel all within a short drive – or better yet walking distance – you reduce the gas emissions of 100’s of guests. 3. Resell, Recycle, and Upcycle. Buy wedding decorations, like artificial flowers, that are durable, not throwaway. This way you get more bang for your buck! Same goes for your wedding favors – practical favors like candles are always handy in a storm! 4. Olive, Spring, Emerald, Apple, Lime, Shamrock, Chartruse, Persian, Paris. There’s a dozens of basic shades, and hundreds of variations. Don’t think green is just one thing. Expand your color palate by trying out new shades to see if they’re just the thing to make your cupcakes pop or background compliment your tablecloths. 5. Shop – As a bulk tablecloths supplier company we understand that our impact on the environment matters. That’s why we recycle our paper and cardboard boxes, offer reusable linen tablecloths, and are looking into solar panel options for 2013. Will you join us in going green?

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  • Show off your Tablecloths Style on Tumblr

    Show off your Tablecloths Style on Tumblr

    Table Linens

    Brides to be, wedding planners, and avid grooms to be – you must be tired. Tired of reading, planning, making lists, crossing off to do’s, it’s too much. Wait – no. That’s not you. You’re ready for more. You want more inspiration. So are you tumbling? We’re getting into even more brilliant inspirations on Tumblr – a microblogging site where it’s like Pinterest, only even bigger pictures J How does a bride get started? First, make an account at It’s simple, and you can always change your name, later (like to your married name J) Start following other blogs that you’re interested in, like There’s a little icon in the top right hand that will let you follow any blog. That way you’ll get the best ideas and pictures in your newsfeed. Use the search term tags box in the upper right to find posts and blogs that you’re interested in. You can ‘track’ your favorite tags, so you can always have easy access to ‘weddings’ ‘wedding colors’ ‘brides’ and other cute ideas. After you start following a few, you can reblog – which is like repining and sharing – a post. Try not to get addicted. If you think Pinterest is bad. For more tips on Tumblr, check out this page. Some of our most inspirational posts so far have been  very green, very bright: Gorgeous Green Tablecloth Spread Popping Pink and Green Combination Wild Animal Print Reception Room Remember for stunning inspirations and ideas for weddings and tablecloths, you can always find always us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and of course Tumblr now!

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  • Seasonal Color Inspiration for Your Big Day

    Seasonal Color Inspiration for Your Big Day


    Do you need a little inspiration for choosing the perfect wedding color palette? Sure, going with all white or white and black is a flawless choice that works with any season, but why settle for ordinary? If you’re looking for cheap tablecloths and seasonal color inspiration, here are some helpful suggestions. Winter If you’re planning the perfect winter wedding, consider blues and whites for a wintery palette that isn’t too cold! White tablecloths and blue table runners look flawless together and will surely make your event look great.  All white is a common popular option for many winter couples! Adding black chair covers and black napkins is an excellent idea to break up all white décor as well. Spring When it comes to spring, colors are blooming all around. Pink and baby blue are excellent choices for a spring wedding. If you want to really be unique, mix lavender and chocolate brown for a muted and adorable spring look. Pink table runners and sage green tablecloths look absolutely stunning together and will surely make your guests think spring. Summer When it comes to summer, think bold and colorful! Yellow round tablecloths will look great and sun-like, add a royal blue table runner and you’re wedding will sparkle like a summer morning. When it comes to summer, stick with bright colors. You’d be surprised what pairs well! Fall Fall is filled with wonderful colors! Choose a color palette that coincides with the changing leaves outside. Stick with chocolate browns and add color like burnt orange, taupe, or champagne. A chocolate brown tablecloth, burnt orange table runner and champagne chair covers are a perfect combination for a fall event.

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  • How to Plan a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner At Home

    How to Plan a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner A...

    Valentine's Day

    Are you hoping to spend a romantic evening with your partner this Valentine’s Day? We know dinner dates are a key component of many people’s Valentine’s Day plans, but why not skip the restaurant and transform your own kitchen or dining room into a lover’s paradise? Many couples are unable to afford a big extravagant dinner, and turning your own home into a 5-star restaurant is the next best option, and better yet, you’re the only people there! Here are some tips on how to celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day without making reservations or even leaving the house:   Cover your table with one of our beautiful satin tablecloths. Opt for passionate and sexy colors such as red, or go with a classic black or white. Save the paper napkins for your next barbecue! Set linen napkins or satin napkins out for this special evening. Setting linen napkins out in a heart shape is an excellent way to convey your love. (Refer to our last blog post on how to do fold fun napkins or try this fun idea we spotted in the picture!) Now that tablecloths and napkins are covered, it’s time to start planning the menu. Consider cooking a three-course meal! Look for new and exciting recipes to try and really sweep your partner off their feet. If you ever wanted to try something culinary crazy, here’s your chance to let your foodie flag fly. Opt for candle light or low light in your dining area. If your home has a fireplace, a romantic and unconventional dinner in front of the fire will really heat things up. Tablecloths also make great picnic blankets if you decide to dine in an unconventional way. Have fun with your romantic dinner! If you make a mess, clean it up the next day. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love!

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  • Quirky Ways to Amp up Your Linen Napkins

    Quirky Ways to Amp up Your Linen Napkins

    Table Linens

    There’s a traditional way to set a table and a creative way to set a table. Depending on the type of event, these table settings can really help further convey your theme or message. Decorating the tables at your event doesn’t have to stop at color coordinating tablecloths and linen napkins, consider creating fun and exciting ways to present your guests with linen napkins at their tables. Our pinspiration for quirky linen displays: Simply roll colored linen napkins to look like roses and stuff into a small glass. Adding an artificial or paper green leaf helps further convey the theme! Your guests will undeniably notice this quirky table presentation! (photo: Throwing a holiday themed party? Consider folding your napkins to mimic the appearance of an elf’s hat. This also works for creating Santa hat napkins as well. Using green linen napkins and coordinating them with red tablecloths will really add a Christmas vibe your guests are sure to love. (photo: If your event is strictly male or is celebrating a male dominant holiday, folding the linen napkins to look like neckties is a surefire way to make an impression on your guests. You can also opt to fold the napkins to look like bowties. (photo: Give your guests a piece of your heart! Folding linen napkins to look like hearts is an excellent idea for Valentine’s Day, weddings and any holiday where all you need is love. (photo: There are truly endless ways to take your event’s place settings from average to extravagant, and all it takes is a little creative thinking! If you can think of any other great ideas on how to present linen napkins at your next event give it a try, make an impression on your guests that they won’t soon forget. 

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