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72" Square Tablecloths

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72" Square Tablecloths


Our 72 inch tablecloth has an unsurpassable sophistication and charismatic appeal about itself. Blush satin tablecloth having undoubtedly, most preferred embellishing fabric that is adored by people all over the world. our 72 inch square tablecloth is tirelessly utilized in designing elegant formal accessories, attires, decorative flowers, ornaments and a lot more.

The lustrous glossy texture of the fabric together with the sublime elegance and seamless sheen make this 72 inch tablecloth favorite for everyone all around the world. Spread charmingly atop your colorful or plain satin tablecloths wholesale, these glinting darlings will heighten the urbanity of your events ambiance. Pair velvet tablecloths wholesale with matching blush satin tablecloth, satin table runners, napkins and adorn with the satin rose buds or velvet petals for more glamorous look.

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