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Flocking Taffeta Overlays

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Flocking Taffeta Overlays


Got lackluster table covers or old-fashioned tables? Don’t fret – you can transform them into examples of fashion and style with our damask table overlay collection. There are at least two reasons why you should look no further – first, created by depositing multiple velvet particles onto a piece of cloth, flocking is always one of the most beloved patterns; secondly, while the velveteen flocking makes our damask tablecloths soft to the touch, the lustrous taffeta imparts a regal sheen.

Available in a rainbow of colors, our damask overlays will not just cater to your needs but will also broaden your understanding of the damask design itself. Thus, besides our traditional black flocking overlay, you’ll also find gold/gold flocking tablecloth overlay wedding table decor, red/red flocking tablecloth overlay wedding table decor, and more. In case the classic damask floral design doesn’t suit your theme, you can also give a chance to our red/red taffeta flocking table overlay leopard animal print or even teal taffeta crinkle overlay.

When classic black/white damask runners, wedding damask table runners cheap, etc., fail; our damask overlays come into play. Whether you need a red and black damask tablecloth or red animal print flocking overlay, we are at your service with plenty options to choose from. Please stop by our collection at tableclothsfactory now and see for yourself.

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