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Pintuck Chair Sashes


Pintuck Chair Sashes

There are certain events that require a bit of extra attention. In case your table is dressed up to the nines, but still, something is missing, chances are you have overlooked chair sashes. Make no mistake - our pintuck sashes will finish your tablescape with that needed pinch of extra! Crafted from lustrous taffeta, they feature myriads of pintuck folds that allow getting the most of taffeta's metallic sheen! 

With the rainbow of hues available, our pintuck taffeta chair sashes won’t disappoint you, whether you need a pink taffeta chair sash or blush taffeta chair sash. Do you have a fascination for metallics? We are at your service with our silver pintuck chair sash, gold pintuck chair sash and champagne pintuck chair sash. Do you love pastels? Well, you won’t be able to resist our apple green pintuck chair sash, rose quartz pintuck chair sash, pink pintuck chair sash, ivory pintuck chair sash, lavender pintuck chair sash, and yellow pintuck chair sash. Meanwhile, your urge for bolder hues will be instantly satisfied with our purple pintuck chair sash, coral pintuck chair sash, turquoise pintuck chair sash, orange pintuck chair sash, red pintuck chair sash, and beyond. Whether you pick white, red, navy, or gold taffeta chair sashes, feel free to compliment them with matching sash buckles and blooms from our online store. 

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that sometimes the best linens are not enough to suit the significance of an occasion. If this is the case, all the wows will be yours with our pintuck sashes, which offer an extensive range of colors. Please drop by our collection to see them all for yourself!

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