Artificial Hydrangea Floral Backdrop


Artificial Hydrangea Floral Backdrop For Weddings and More!


Artificial Hydrangea Floral Backdrop

Most customers want a floral wedding backdrop, however, only a few can bear the cost of real flowers. Measure the space you would like to cover, then decide how many flower panels you will need to cover that space because our Artificial Hydrangea Floral Backdrop collection has it all covered, no matter how much square feet you need to hide.

In addition to bringing the outdoors into your party, our hydrangea wedding flower wall will be a stunning floral photo backdrop and decor to ensure that you will have fabulous images of your event as a keepsake. Also, our silk hydrangea flower photo backdrop is fastened to a plastic grid frame that is completely flexible, which makes it super easy to work with when attaching this flower wall backdrop on a solid background.

Keep things monochrome with our lush silk 11 Sq Ft | 4 Panels UV Protected White Hydrangea Flower Wall Mat Panel along with white runners and chairs for a clean, modern look. Looking for something a little more traditional to add a monogram or craft a logo? Our 11 Sq Ft | 4 Panels UV Protected Cream Hydrangea Flower Wall Mat Panel is an excellent choice. 

On the other hand, if you are in search of the perfect centerpiece for your lounge area, our natural-looking 13 Sq ft. | SET of 4 | UV Protected Assorted Silk Flower Wall Panels | Flower Wall Backdrop - White | Champagne is the best opportunity for guests to snap pictures during the cocktail hour or reception.

Or, if you are dreaming of a wall packed with red hydrangeas for a vintage wedding, our 11 Sq Ft | 4 Panels UV Protected Red Hydrangea Flower Wall Mat Panel will look stunning behind a pristine white velvet sofa, perfect for evening photos.

Floral Wedding Backdrop
Flower Wall Photo Booth

At TableclothsFactory, we share your feelings about making your wedding celebration perfect. We have a collection of beautifully designed Artificial Hydrangea Floral Backdrop to complement any event, be it a wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary, and more.

You can make your wedding decoration unique with our affordable Artificial Hydrangea Floral Backdrop as a flower wall photo booth. Easy to set up, all of our floral wedding backdrops and centerpieces guarantee an added pop of color to any occasion!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make a floral backdrop ?

Ans: Before you start, you will need a portable wooden wall, transparent or green thumbtacks, hydrangea floral backdrop, additional decoration, and flowers that match the theme of your event (Optional).

  • Start arranging your flower wall photo booth on top of your wooden board. Once you have each floral wall panel where you want it, make multiple thumbtack notches. This makes pushing them easier once you're ready to fix your panels down.
  • Next, when planning your board layout, make sure your floral photo backdrop covers the entire surface, so you can't see the wood underneath. If your flower panel is too big for your board, you can easily cut it with scissors.
  • Once your wooden board is prepped with thumbtack notches, start securing your silk flower wall panels to your board. To do this, simply grab a thumbtack, then push it through the plastic net of the hydrangea floral backdrop onto the board.
  • Repeat this process several times along the edges to make sure your panels stay in place throughout the event. Also, to reinforce the additional panel, we suggest placing a few pins along with the inner panel.
  • Finally, you can add different blooms, greenery, and decor to your wedding flower wall once all of your artificial hydrangea flower panels are attached. This is optional, however, adding additional decor can help augment your event theme or color palette while highlighting your overall design.

2. How many flowers do you need for a flower wall ?

Ans: Before purchasing your flower wall panels, you have to decide and measure how big your backdrop wall or frame is, then refer to the guide below.

For our 11 Sq Ft Panels:

  • 8x8 FT Wall - 24 (2 Case)
  • 9x9 FT Wall - 31 (2 Case + 7 Panels)
  • 10x10 FT Wall - 38 (3 Case + 2 Panels )

For our 13 Sq Ft Panels:

  • 8x8 FT Wall - 19 (1 Case + 7 Panels)
  • 9x9 FT Wall - 24 (2 Case)
  • 10x10 FT Wall - 30 (2 Case + 6 Panels)

3. Where to buy flower wall panels ?

Ans: You can make your wedding decoration unique with TableclothsFactory's affordable Hydrangea Floral Backdrop and flower wall photo booth. Easy to set up, these floral wedding backdrops guarantee an added pop of color to any occasion.

Create magical backdrops, flower wall photo booths, wall coverings, fence accents, build lush hedges, walkways or pathways, or even vertical gardens with our realistic hydrangea floral backdrop.

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